Chinese dramas with a lot of romance Chinese dramas with a lot of romance

Chinese romance dramas that you can watch on Viki, you will love their stories

Viki has a lot of C-Dramas on their platform, here are some romance ones you should definitely check out

Love stories always conquer the public and that is why we are passionate about Chinese romance dramas, here we have some of these series that you can find on Viki.

China has a lot of series that its writers, directors and actors work hard on. So we can have the best Chinese dramas adapted or maybe based on true stories, books, remakes and so on. Fans of Asian dramas already have their favorite stories from this country.

Each C-Drama presents us with a different story, there are of all types, genres, with unexpected twists, with interesting plots, unforgettable characters and others. In Chinese series we can find great adventures that end up completely enchanting us. Have you ventured to see some of these?

Especially, perhaps, the romance stories that always make us fall even deeper and deeper in love. The plots of love always bring great emotions to our lives and our hearts, it is fun to see them and also to dream of living one like these in our lives.

If you like romance dramas, here we have some Chinese dramas with love stories that you will love and the best thing is that you find them available on Viki.

7 Romance C-Dramas available on Viki, fall in love with their cute stories

1. Fall In Love

Year: 2021
Starring Chen Xing Xu and Zhang Jing Yi

This drama takes place in 1926 when a girl returns to China after the death of her mother, she wanted to find her father who was separated from her mother, but in her investigation she could realize that her family is everything but what she I expected.

Fall In Love | Twitter: @cwhisper3

'Fall In Love' has a beautiful story for you. 

2. Hello Debate Opponent

Year: 2021
Starring Wu Jia Yi and Zhai Zi Lu

In this series, a group of teachers wants to sabotage a debate contest by bringing together the least qualified students, but their plan doesn't work because these students actually manage to do great teamwork and beat all odds.

You can watch 'Hello Debate Opponent' on Viki.

3. A Dream of Splendor

Year: 2022
Starring Liu Yi Fei and Chen Xiao

This is a historical C-Drama in which we meet a man and a woman who are on their own missions, but their paths cross. At first they can't trust each other but they soon realize that maybe they can work better together as a couple.

A Dream Of Splendor | Twitter: @3starstotheleft

'A Dream of Splendor' has a great story for you to watch. 

4. The Song Of Glory

Year: 2020
Starring Li Qin and Qin Hao

This series takes us to meet the Song empire that is about to fall apart, that is why its young emperor decides to ally himself by marriage to a stronger clan, how will their arranged relationship be? Perhaps love begins to blossom there.

'The Song Of Glory' is available on Viki.

5. Lucky With You

Year: 2021
Starring Johnny Huang and Wang Li Kun

In this C-Drama we see a woman who realizes that her husband is unfaithful to her, she asks for a divorce and he manages to take all her money and custody of her son. She decides to appeal this decision and to get money she becomes the bodyguard of a rich man who may later be able to help her.

Lucky With You | Twitter: @eu_assisti

Your gonna love the story of 'Lucky With You'

6. A River Runs Through It

Year: 2021
Starring Wang Rui Chang and Hu Yi Xuan

In this story we will see a girl understand everything about love and friendship. She had to transfer to a new school just before the university entrance exams. And soon her new group of friends will cheer her on.

You need to watch 'A River Runs Through It' on Viki.

7. To Be A Brave One

Year: 2022
Starring Darren Chen and Deng Jia Jia

This C-Drama is about a girl who seemed to have a perfect life, in love and work everything was going well until she has a terrible accident that leaves her with nothing and insurmountable betrayals, that is why she can rise from the ashes and start over.

To Be A Brave One | Twitter: @dramapotatoe

Viki has all of the story of 'To Be A Brave One'.

Keep watching more C-Dramas, here we have some starred by Victoria Song and incredible idol and actress. 

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