Medical C-Dramas for you Medical C-Dramas for you

Chinese medical dramas that have the best stories starring doctors

There are great stories of dramas that take place in hospitals, here we recommend some medical C-Dramas

Some Chinese dramas have made us fall in love with doctors, since they are plots that take place in hospitals and are carried out by health professionals. Here we have some perfect medical C-Dramas for you.

China has a lot of dramas that we can enjoy, Chinese writers, directors and actors are working hard on original series for fans. Among the Chinese dramas we can find a lot of adventures and characters that have really conquered the public completely.

The C-Dramas have amazing plots, many of them are full of romance, there are others with action, some are starring gamers, others take us to ancient China with its historical plots. We have Chinese fantasy dramas and much more that we really love, in these series there are no limits.

There are also Chinese dramas about doctors, these medical series that transport us to hospital corridors with health professionals who must care for and even save patients, but also balance their personal lives. And this is usually extremely exciting.

So here we have for you some medical Chinese dramas that you can enjoy, we really love their stories and the doctors look very handsome in their hospital uniform.

6 Medical C-Dramas with great stories set in hospitals

1. Healer Of Children

Year: 2020
Starring Chen Xiao and Wang Zi Wen

This drama leads us to meet a team of doctors, they are pediatricians and they specialize in taking care of children. These professionals will do their best to cure and save children at all times, so follow their stories.

'Healer Of Children' is an amazing medical C-Drama.

2. Broker

Year: 2021
Starring Victoria Song and Luo Yun Xi

This series combines the pharmaceutical world with that of hackers, it is about a woman who works in a very important laboratory, soon a new colleague will arrive to her team who is not exactly what he seems.

Broker | Twitter: @Broker

Watch 'Broker' which has an amazing story for you. 

3. Dr. Cutie

Year: 2020
Starring Sun Qian and Huang Jun Jie

This is a medical and historical drama where a woman plots revenge and enters the royal palace dressed as a man, but she actually has amazing abilities and is made General Ji Heng's doctor.

'Dr. Cutie' will give you lots of fun.

4. You Are My Hero

Year: 2021
Starring Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting

This is the story of romance between a doctor and an officer, they met while working and although at first they did not get along so well, they will soon be united, as well as uniting and complementing their own families.

You Are My Hero | Twitter: @Gxzaid2

You can watch 'You Are My Hero' which has a sweet story. 

5. Intense Love

Year: 2020
Starring Zhang Yu Xi and Ding Yu Xi

In this drama we meet a handsome doctor who has an arranged marriage, his parents agreed that he should marry someone. This woman is an actress and although at first neither of them agrees with their agreed relationship, love will soon appear.

'Intense Love' has an interesting story you need to watch.

6. The Centimeter Of Love

Year: 2020
Starring Tong Li Ya and Tong Da Wei

This drama is about a doctor who is traveling back home after studying abroad, he manages to save a female passenger thanks to the help of the female pilot of the plane and that is where their romance will start. But then the families of each could get in the way of their love.

The Centimeter Of Love | Twitter: @dramachina_id

Watch 'The Centimeter Of Love' and discover more about its amazing story.

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