Chinese K-Pop idols Chinese K-Pop idols

Chinese idols who endeared fans as K-Pop artists

Did you know that there are a lot of non-Korean idols? Here we have some of them who came from China to shine in K-Pop

K-Pop agencies not only find talented people in Korea, but also in other countries and one of them is China, meet some idols from China who have conquered us with their skills.

In K-Pop we can find countless artists with various musical abilities. Incredible vocalists, great rappers, and excellent dancers performing their best to delight all fans of this South Korean genre of music. There is a great diversity of idols whom we can look up to.

In addition to the fact that K-Pop stars have also managed to conquer us with their personalities and charisma, they are also usually quite different and unique, giving each idol group even greater authenticity. This is why the musical genre is so wonderful.

And did you know that many K-Pop agencies don't just limit themselves to Korea to find top talent? There are companies that leave the country to audition the best boys or girls and turn them into trainees to later debut as idols and shine on stage.

Many idols traveled from China to become the stars they are today, here are some of them who are part of our favorite K-Pop groups.

7 of the most loved and popular Chinese K-Pop idols

1. GOT7's Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang was born in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, before becoming a trainee he was a great sportsman and was engaged in fencing but after auditioning for JYP Entertainment and being accepted by the agency, he traveled to South Korea to become a GOT7 idol.

Jackson Wang was born in China | Twitter: @kingjackys


Jun was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, since he was a child he dedicated himself to the world of entertainment as a child actor. Later, while at a convenience store, an agent from Pledis Entertainment invited him to audition and join the company. Encouraged by his friends, Wen Junhui decided to venture out and thus joined Pledis to later become a member of SEVENTEEN.

Jun is Chinese | Twitter: @healingwithsvt

3. NCT's Chenle

NCT has its own China Line that is also part of WayV, among its members we find Chenle who was born in Shanghai, China and from a very young age he shone as a singer in his country to later become part of Neo Culture Technology.

Chenle is from China | Twitter: @DRMFEED

4. EXOs' Lay

EXO also used to have various members from China in their lineup, but only Lay stayed longer, Zhang Yixing was born in Changsha, China and when SM Entertainment held auditions in his hometown, he joined the K-Pop agency.

Lay was born in China | Twitter: @kokokbop

5. Pentagon's Yanan

Yanan was born in Shanghai, China, he soon became a Cube Entertainment trainee in 2015 and after that he debuted with Pentagon although he has been inactive for a few times due to health problems.

Pentagon's Yanan | Twitter: @yananpicss


THE8 or Minghao is one of the members of SEVENTEEN who was also born in China, in Haicheng to be precise. He always loved dancing and was studying to dedicate himself to it, once training break-dance, he was seen by an employee of Pledis Entertainment who invited him to join the K-Pop agency.

THE8's from China | Twitter: @hourlysvtrv

7. WayV's WinWin

WayV's Winwin was also born in China, he is from Zhejiang and was recruited by SM Entertainment when he was in school dancing a traditional dance from his home country. His brilliant talents have led him to success as part of NCT.

WinWin is Chinese | Twitter: @naddy4zi

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