C-Dramas with a man crossdressing for you C-Dramas with a man crossdressing for you

Chinese dramas where a man had to disguise as a woman in the plot

Sometimes C-Drama stories can surprise us with men crossdressing in their stories here we recommend some of them

There are a lot of interesting plots in Chinese dramas and some of them lead their male characters to dress up as women so that the story can unfold, here are some of them.

China is a country that produces amazing dramas, fans of Asian series can enjoy a lot of plots made in China. And it is that their stories always surprise us, there are no limits for the writers, directors and actors who work in these productions for television.

This is why C-Dramas have become fan favorites, with their stories, characters and others that end up captivating audiences both domestically and internationally. Thanks to the fact that these series are available on more and more internet platforms and thus reach the public from all over the planet.

The best thing is that there will be a perfect drama for all tastes. There are a lot about mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, historical and others where we will meet great characters during the development of their plots. Chinese dramas give us great stories that we can watch anytime.

So here we recommend some Chinese dramas that we find very interesting because one of the male characters must dress as a woman in the plot, do they ever discover his true identity?

5 C-Dramas in which a man must disguise as a woman for plot development

1. Legend Of The Fragrance

Year: 2015
Starring Li Yifeng and Tiffany Tang

This drama is about two families which are dedicated to the fragrance's industry, two of the members of this families have a love story, bit then something happens that will change the fate of both of them.

Legend Of Fragrance | Twitter: @BusinessBeijing

In 'Legend Of The Fragrance' Ning Zhiyuan ends up dsiguising as a woman.

2. The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty

Year: 2020
Starring Darren Chen and Fu Meng Po

This dramas takes place in the 15th-century China when some detectives are working on their cases and there's one of murder that they must investigate. That's why one of these detectives must dress as a girl to find the truth.

Watch 'The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty' which has a truly interesting story.

3. The Legend of Flying Daggers

Year: 2016
Starring Hawick Lau and Yang Rong

This drama is about a man who comes back home after his mom left a treasure for him. But something weird happens and someone tries to take his inheritance away, that's when a woman saves him and he might be in love now.

The Legend of Flying Daggers | Twitter: @AVirtualVoyage

 In 'The Legend of Flying Daggers' the protagonist must disguise as a woman.

4. Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain

Year: 2019
Starring Xu Kai and Sandrine Pinna

This drama is about a woman who has been living for a lot of time, she has a disciple who will learn everything besides her in order to become the strongest sage of all lands, will he achieve this?

'Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain' has an interesting story for you.

5. Young Blood

Year: 2019
Starring Steven Zhang and Zhou Yu Tong

This drama is about a special group called 'Mi Ge' young spies who will help theNorthern Song dynasty in order to get peace and order at that time. So this team will show us its power.

Young Blood | Twitter: @dramapotatoe

Watch 'Young Blood' and get to know everything about its great story.

 Keep watching more C-Dramas, here we have some with friendships that you'll love, enjoy them all!

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