Chines drama with gamers Chines drama with gamers

Chinese dramas starring gamers, check out these e-Sports plots

Some C-Dramas are about professional gamer boys who compete in e-Sports, here we recommend some

China has the best dramas for you and here we have some of these series that have been starred by gamers who are professionally engaged in e-Sports and give renewed excitement to our watchlists.

There are plenty of Chinese dramas that we can enjoy. The series produced in China always present us with new options in terms of plots and characters that we can see in all these plots. Fans of all Asian dramas know that they can count on high quality Chinese productions.

The best thing is that the adventures have no limit in the series from China, we have plots of all kinds, perhaps some of the most charming series are those of romance, but many others fill us with emotion with fantasy, taking us to other times of the country, others of crime, mystery and others that show the creativity of Chinese screenwriters and directors.

We can also highlight the great performances of the Chinese actors and actresses who give their best to embody the best characters who are the ones who give that intensity and greater interest to each plot in the C-Dramas. There are a lot of things that we can appreciate in China series and you should definitely have some on your watchlist.

So here we recommend some Chinese dramas about gamers who compete in e-Sports for you to enjoy these kinds of stories and adventures in the virtual and real world.

6 C-Dramas about professional gamers, enjoy their plots in the real and virtual world

1. Love O2O

Year: 2016
Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

This is a virtual love story in which a popular and smart college student who dreams of become a great videogame designer enters into a game in which no one knows her true identity, then she's left by her husband of this videogame and she comes closer to the most popular gamer online.

'Love O2O' is such a classic Chinese drama you need to watch.

2. Falling Into Your Smile

Year: 2021
Starring Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao

This C-Drama tells the story of a girl who has great abilities for gaming, that's how she becomes the first girl in China to be a part of an e-Sports team 'ZGDX'. Will she find love there? Let's find out!

Falling Into Your Smile | Twitter: @xiaoxiaomiii_

Watch 'Falling Into Your Smile' which has an incredible story for you. 

3. The King's Avatar

Year: 2019
Starring Yang Yang and Jiang Shu Ying

This drama is about a guy who's such a professional in the game named 'Glory', but then he has some trouble and gets kicked off his team. He will comeback some time after that to prove that he's still a good gamer.

You can watch 'The King's Avatar' and get to know more about its story.

4. You Are My Glory

Year: 2021
Starring Yang Yang and Di Li Re Ba

On this drama we'll get to know a girl who was in love with one of her classmates, she confessed twice and gor rejected. 10 years pass and now she wants to sponsor a video game bus sh'es bad at gaming and when se re-encounters her school crush, he might help her now.

You Are My Glory | Twitter: @_j1312

You'll love 'You Are My Glory' and its plot, so you better watch it. 

5. Gank Your Heart

Year: 2019
Starring Wang Yi Bo and Wang Zi Xuan

This drama is about the romance of a boy who professional gamer and a girl which is an internet celebrity. She wants to boost her popularity by getting along with him but the truth is that it doesn't help, but at least she's gonna find love and something more.

'Gank Your Heart' has a great story for you.

6. Cross Fire

Year: 2020
Starring Lu Han and Wu Lei

This is a great drama in which two different eras intersect in an online video game. This is how a couple of guys who are separated for quite some time, become friends through a video game and a little glitch in reality.

Cross Fire | Twitter: @AFanHeart_twt

Watch 'Cross Fire' and live its incredible adventure.

 Keep ewatching more dramas, here we have some with guys dressing as girls for the plot of the drama.

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