Idols in Chinese dramas Idols in Chinese dramas

Chinese dramas starring K-Pop idols, did you see them in these series?

In K-Pop there are a lot of idol actors who not only appear in K-Dramas, but also in C-Dramas

Some Chinese and Korean idols have appeared in Chinese dramas, did you know that? Here we leave you some of their appearances so you can learn more about their careers outside of music and more as actors.

In K-Pop, the talent of artists is not only limited to music. So we can always see all-rounder idols showing off their skills in different disciplines with great passion. This is why we have various K-Pop stars who are also actors or actresses in dramas.

Sometimes it is more common to see our favorite K-Pop idols act in K-Dramas, but it is also worth mentioning that there are artists in the musical genre that are not Korean. In the Korean music industry there are a lot of idols who traveled from China and became big stars outside of their home country.

So it's no surprise to learn that Chinese K-Pop idols are also actors and actually appear in C-Dramas. That's just great, because we know that the industry has international talent that is also not only limited to music, but also to television. In addition to that there are also very popular Korean idols in China who have also had cameos on television in the country.

So here we have some Chinese dramas in which K-Pop idols have appeared, either with a cameo or as part of the cast of the series we have been able to see many stars on Chinese television.

5 C-Dramas starred by Chinese and Korean K-Pop idols

1. Fall In Love With You Again

Year: 2015
Starring Wang Luo Dan and Super Junior's Siwon

This drama is about a young couple which fell in love at first sight, they decided to get married really quickly but when they got to meet each other, it didn't worked and they got divorced. Some years pass and then she has the chance to go back in time and maybe give another chance to that failed relationship.

Fall In Love With You Again | Twitter: @strawberlit

Watch 'Fall In Love With You Again' which is starred by Siwon from SuJu.

2. The Shadow

Year: TBA
Starring Gao Wei Guang, Ouyang Nana and NCT's WinWin

This drama takes us to Republic Era of China and it's about a vampire who's almost killed but a blind girl saves him, that's when he decides to thank her but he realizes she's living a sad situation with her family. Will he fall in love here?

'The Shadow' hasn't been released yet but we'll see WinWin there so, you better wait for it!

3. When Love Walked In

Year: 2012
Starring Victoria Song and Calvin Chen

As you migh know Victoria is a member from girl group f(x) and she's also beloved Chinese actress, and in this drama we can see her as some kind of Cinderella since she's  Shen Ya Yin a girl whose parents died and now lives with her aunt who mistreats her.

When Love Walked In | Twitter: @sujuonthisday

Super Junior's ZhouMi also acts in 'When Love Walked In', so you better watch it. 

4. Exclusive Fairytale

Year: TBA
Starring SEVENTEEN's Jun and Zhang Miao Yi

This drama is about a girl and a boy who have been best friends since childhood, and now they're in highschool, maybe those friendly feelings will turn into love pretty soon, will they be together as a real couple?

Jun from SEVENTEEN stars in 'Exclusive Fairytale' that might be released in 2023.

5. One And A Half Summer

Year: 2014
Starring 2PM's Nichkhun and Xu Lu

In this drama a Chinese-American boy meets love during his vacation in Greece with a Chinese girl, he can't forget her so he travels from New York to China to find her again and thus be a real couple.

One And A Half Summer | Twitter: @meblacksmile

Watch 'One And A Half Summer' with  2PM's Nichkhun.

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