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Chinese dramas available on YouTube, watch these ones for free!

YouTube is one of the best video platforms, did you know that you can watch C-Dramas on it? Here we recommend some

Drama fans have a lot of options to watch Asian series online, and you can do it for free when there are some available on YouTube, here we have some Chinese dramas to watch on the platform.

China has a lot of dramas for fans, their stories, plots and characters are just so amazing. The best thing is that you might thing that C-Dramas are unlimited, there are a lot of series that you can find and watch all of their episodes in a marathon.

We can also talk about the platforms to watch dramas, it's important to find secure sites to do it, those ones with a good quiality and subtitles to understand the plot perfectly. We can name a lot of drama sites like Viki or even Netflix now that this one has a lot of dramas.

But we know that both sites that were named before are not for free and we have to pay if we want to watch our favorite Chinese series, but there are more options. Like YouTube, this big platform full of videos has C-Dramas too and they've subtitles in English.

So, we're recommending some Chinese dramas available on YouTube right now, you can watch them and get involved in their amazing stories.

6 C-Dramas available on YouTube, you can watch these series for free

1. A Girl Like Me

Year: 2021
Starring Guan Xiao Tong and Neo Hou

This Chinese drama is about Ban Hua, a princess who's unlucky with relationships and all of them end with a disaster, she's got a bad reputation now but everything might change when she meets Rong Xia, will she find love with him?

You can watch 'A Girl Like Me' on YouTube with English sub. 

2. Hello Mr. Gu

Year: 2021
Starring Chen Jing Ke and Yan Zhi Chao

This one is about a CEO which is afraid of heights and gets in acontractual marriage with a bankrupt heiress, maybe they'll fall in love later but how will their relationship start?

You'll love thestory of 'Hello Mr. Gu' which is availabnle on YouTube. 

3. Begin Again

Year: 2020
Starring  Zhou Yu Tong and Gong Jun

This C-Drama in which a couple turns a fake relationshipo into a reality, it's a CEO and a doctor who get together even if they're not in love at the very beginning, maybe they'll fall for each other later.

Watch 'Begin Again' on YouTube. 

4. Love Better Than Immortality

Year: 2019
Starring Zhao Lu Si and Li Hong Yi

This drama takes us to the future were humans are immortal virtually, but there's someone who prefers to live something real instead of being inmmortal, so she gaves up this chance for a real love adventure.

'Love Better Than Immortality' has such a good story that you need to watch on YouTube. 

5. Dating in the Kitchen

Year: 2020
Starring Zhao Lu Si and Lin Yu Shen

This Chinese drama is about a chef who thinks that her life is simply perfect since she has a job that loves and a boyfriend which maybe she will get merried with soon, but everything changes when she finds out that he's been cheating on her and then she might lose her job too, how is this going to end?

6. Love Scenery

Year: 2021
Starring Xu Lu and Lin Yi

This drama is about a girl who loves to express through music and a boy who loves computer, what will happen when these two worlds meet? Well, they might find a lot of things in common and even love.

You can watch 'Love Scenery' on YouTube.

 Keep watching more dramas, here we have some Japanese ones available on Viki, we have the best for you.

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