Watch these Chinese Dramas on Netflix Watch these Chinese Dramas on Netflix

Chinese drama available on Netflix, watch their incredible plots

Netflix has the best C-Dramas in its catalog, here we recommend some of them

China has many stories to tell and it does so through its series, some of them are available on Netflix, what Chinese drama do you want to watch today?

In China there are great writers and directors who show more of themselves and their creativity through different series produced in the country. With the popularization of dramas, many of these have reached the public that enjoys them and finds the best stories in them.

Have you given Chinese dramas a try yet? There are great stories in them, there are no limits, some are full of action, some are full of romance, others take us on a walk through history and much more. So their plots are quite interesting and entertaining for the public.

And the best thing is that it is possible to watch this type of programs on secure sites and platforms, in addition to the fact that they also have quality subtitles that allow us to better enjoy and know all the details of the story that each C-Drama shows us. Like Netflix, did you know that its catalog has Chinese series?

Here we recommend some Chinese dramas available on Netflix that you will not be able to stop watching, they will quickly become your favorites.

6 C-Dramas that you can watch on Netflix that will become your favorite ones

1. Word Of Honor

Year: 2021
Starring Zhang Zhehan and Zhang Zhehan

In this drama we meet the leader of an organization of assassins who decides to resign from his position and live freely. This is how he meets another man with whom he decides to make an alliance in order to help him in the revenge that he was seeking and finally they become soul mates.

Netflix has the full story of 'Word Of Honor' available for you to watch.

2. Meteor Garden

Year: 2018
Starring Shen Yue and Dylan Wang

This drama is the Chinese version of a popular K-Drama, it is about a humble girl who is accepted into the most prestigious University where she meets the 'F4', a group of four rich and popular boys, how will their paths cross? ?

Meteor Garden | Twitter: @LUVDYWANG

You will surely love the story of 'Meteor Garden' so watch this C-Drama on Netflix.

3. The Untamed

Year: 2019
Starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

This story is about two inseparable boys, until one of them dies. This is why his faithful companion swears to avenge him, but 13 years pass to find out that the other had not died, but was preparing for his revenge.

'The Untamed' has a great story that you must watch on Netflix.

4. Use For My Talent

Year: 2021
Starring Shen Yue and Jasper Liu

This C-Drama is full of romance and is about a completely opposite man and woman but they are undeniably attracted to each other. She works as a cleaner and he is her boss, that is how soon after they begin to have a relationship of lovers.

Use For My Talent | Twitter: @dramathrds

You must watch  'Use for My Talent' on Netflix. 

5. Unrequited Love

Year: 2019
Starring Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing

This drama is about a girl who has a big crush on one of her classmates, she doesn't pretend to confess her feelings, she just admires him from afar. But everything changes when fate brings them face to face.

You can watch 'Unrequited Love' on Netflix, get to know its great plot.

6. The King's Avatar

Year: 2019
Starring Yang Yang and Jiang Shu Ying

This series is about a boy who belonged to a gamer team, but then he leaves it and stops being a professional. After a while he comes back with even more experience that will make his way in the game and he will be able to prove that he is quite the expert.

The King's Avatar | Twitter: @ribkaeunS

'The King's Avatar' is just amazing and you can watch it on Netflix. 

Keep watching more Chinese dramas, here we have some full of mystery that you won't stop watching.

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