Chinese SEVENTEEN songs that you need in your playlist

SEVENTEEN's music is amazing no matter what language the group tries. These are the best Chinese songs that should be in your playlist.

A few weeks ago SEVENTEEN released its first English single "Darl+ing". As it was expected it got a great response from the fans and the critics.

The group is very popular in Japan and these talented singers have dropped various singles for this country. "Call Call Call", "24H" or "Hitori janai" (Not Alone), all those tracks are really good.

Did you know that the K-Pop sensation also has Chinese tracks? In 2019 SVT revealed the Chinese version of the popular "Home". However, today we are talking about those songs that were originally made in this language. You're gonna love them.

The best SEVENTEEN songs in Chinese

1. Silent Boarding Gate (2021)

It makes sense that the Chinese members of SEVENTEEN want to release music in their native tongue. Last year Jun gave us this beautiful ballad. The music video shows an adorable love story. Enjoy!

2. Warrior (2021)

In 2021 Joshua, Jun, THE8, Mingyu and Vernon released a special song for the Original Soundtrack of the movie "Falling Into Your Smile". This beat is insane!

3. Hai Cheng (2022)

THE8 has already dropped various songs in his native language. However, this one is the most beautiful. The lyrics, music photography and even the choreography, everything is perfect. He is an all rounded artist. 

Check here how SEVENTEEN celebrated its 7th anniversary, they revealed too many emotive stories.

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