Chinese BL Dramas for you Chinese BL Dramas for you

Chinese BL dramas that you must watch and fall in love with their stories

China has a lot of dramas for you, here we recommend some BLs with stories full of love

BL C-Dramas have very good stories and characters, some combine a lot of action with romance. Here we recommend some series of this type.

China has a lot of series which you can enjoy on various occasions. Of different types and with stories that really involve the public. Chinese dramas have a lot of elements that will fill your screen with emotions, feelings and characters that you could relate to.

Among the C-Dramas we can find some with BL themes, what are BL dramas? These are series about a couple of guys who start to develop feelings for people of the same sex. In these we will sometimes find an internal struggle, many emotions and also the recognition of the sexual identity of the characters.

So BL series are full of excitement for fans who enjoy this type of drama. And we can also find BL C-Dramas, which were created and produced in China and sometimes mix quite a few elements of the culture with their plots of love between two boys.

If want to watch some BL dramas from China, here we have our recommendations, you'll love these plots and stories which are full of love.

5 BL C-Dramas you need to watch, you'll love their great plots

1. Word Of Honor

Year: 2021
Starring Zhang Zhe Han and Gong Jun

This is an historical drama in which we will get to know the story of a guy who only has three years more to live, so he decides to live these last years with new adventures, that's when he meets a guy who's gonna be the love of his life.

Word Of Honor | Twitter: @dramapotatoe

Watch the incredible story of 'Word Of Honor'

2. Addicted Heroin

Year: 2016
Starring Timmy Xu and Johnny Huang

This C-Drama is about a guy whose parents divorced, when he was an adolescent his mother decided to get married again with a rich man. That man has a son which is still suffering from his mother's death and doesn't aprove the new marriage of his dad. These two step-brothers will get to know each other and end up having some feelings.

'Addicted Heroin' is a BL drama you need to watch.

3. The Untamed

Year: 2019
Starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yi Bo

This story is about a couple of guys who are part of two clans, once they discovered something about their ancestors and feel like they need to protect this secret and help the world. But everything changes when one of them dies.

The Untamed | Twitter: @soukatsu_

Watch 'The Untamed' and enjoy its amazing plot. 

4. Advance Bravely

Year: 2017
Starring Gong Jun and Jason Xu

In this drama, Xia Yao gets to know Yuan Zong, the brother of a girl who fell in love with him. He's searching for a fraternal advice but maybe he'll find something better in the other man.

'Advance Bravely' has an interesting story that you'll love to watch.

5. Killer And Healer

Year: 2021
Starring Mao Zi Jun and Ian Yi

This drama is about a couple which seems very opposite, since it's a bad cop and a good doctor who love each other. One of them kills and the other one cures, how will their relationshop develop?

Killer and Healer | Twitter: @uwu1074

The great story of 'Killer And Healer' is something that you need to watch.

We have more dramas for you, here are some Chinese dramas available on YouTube, watch them for free!

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