Ariana Grande's childhood pictures Ariana Grande's childhood pictures

Childhood photos of Ariana Grande, get to know her stage as a child

What was Ariana Grande like when she was a child? Here we have the cutest childhood photos of this artist

Today we meet the powerful woman that Ariana Grande has become, we admire the work she does but we can travel to the past and see her when she was a girl, what was the singer like in her childhood?

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular and brilliant singers in the music industry. Although we have seen this artist grow as we can remember her beginnings in the entertainment industry when she was still young and started as an actress for Nickelodeon in 'Victoriuos'.

After also starring in a spin-off of the series, Ariana was able to take off in her career as a singer and little by little she released more music and songs that completely captivated the entire public, she is simply phenomenal. We love the work of this singer since she dedicates herself to leaving everything of herself in each song.

We can travel further back in time and remember Grande when she was still a child. She once told a funny anecdote about her from her childhood in which she called the Nickelodeon studios looking for a job as a child actress since she was a super fan of the channel's series.

Ariana Grande was super cute as a child and we can see her in her childhood photos that reveal her sweetest stage, how much has the singer changed since then?

6 childhood photos of Ariana Grande that reveal her cutest stage

1. Ariana Baby

Look at this baby Ariana Grande, awww! Her eyes are as pretty as they're now, and her features haven't changed a lot. She reminds us a lot of Cat in this one.

Ariana when she was a baby | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

2. Ariana in the beach

Here we have a photo of a baby Ariana in the beach, she might have been like 2 years old back then maybe, she looks too cute.

Ariana Grande in the beach | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

3. Smile

Awww, look at Ariana's smile in this pic, she looks cute and we also love her cheeks, she was a beautiful little girl.

Ariana is smiling in this pic | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

4. Ariana dancing

It seems like Ariana was dancing and someone took a photo, we love her hair, tho, so curly. She's so sweet.

Ariana was kinda dancing here | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

5. Ariana in the yearbook

We love yearbook photos, and on this pic Ariana looks older but she was still a girl, she might be 8 years old in this one, probably, she looks pretty and cute.

A yearbook photo of Ariana | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

6. Ariana and her dad

Here we have a great picture, it's Ariana and her dad, she's older in here, she might be like 12 years old and she's in the beach again, but this time is in the sea. She looks great.

Ariana and her dad | Twitter: @arisoftsoul

Keep reading more about Ariana, here we have her most watched music videos on YouTube. 

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