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Challenging K-Pop songs by female artists, their vocal performances are not easy to imitate

Here are the most talented K-Pop vocalists ever! Their tracks are very difficult to sing. Do you want to try them?

As you may know, K-Pop artists spend too many years practicing before their debut. They work really hard to improve their skills. That way the Korean industry is dominating the world with super talented performers.

Today we are talking about the most powerful ladies in the game. Here you'll find just skillful singers that are rocking the scenarios with their shocking vocals. Their songs are not a joke, if you are not a professional, it would be quite difficult to imitate them.

Of course, these female artists are some of the best singers in K-Pop. Even if you are not part of their fandoms, is impossible not to fall for their beautiful voices. The performances can conquer the biggest crowds.

Before starting, we need to warn you. You have to be ready for tons of high notes, flawless harmonies, and crazy adlibs. Also, all these singles are awesome, you need them in your playlist. Here we go!

The most challenging K-Pop songs, female edition

1. Good Day - IU

Of course, we need to talk about this iconic single. It is the most difficult song of IU's career thanks to that insane high note.

2. I Love You - EXID

The chorus of this track is quite difficult to imitate since the pitch is very high. Solji's voice is not a joke. Turn up the volume!

3. Décalcomanie - MAMAMOO

Let's be honest, many songs by MAMAMOO could be on the list. According to the members, this is one of their most difficult singles. The adlibs at the end will blow your mind.

4. I - Taeyeon

Taeyeon is one of the best singers in K-Pop. The climax of this single includes a jaw-dropping high note. Such a masterpiece!

5. RBB (Really Bad Boy) - Red Velvet

Here is another girl group with powerful vocalists. RBB (Really Bad Boy) includes Irene's whistle note, shocking vocal runs by Wendy, and an energetic choreography. They are so talented!

Let us know, what other K-Pop songs should be on the list?

 Do you want to listen to more of Taeyeon's powerful vocal performances? We have the best song recommendation for you. 

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