Idols from Canada Idols from Canada

Canadian K-Pop idols, they traveled to Korea to become artists

Did you know that there are K-Pop idols who were actually born in Canada? They fulfilled their dreams away from home

In K-Pop there is a great diversity of artists and in this musical genre we even find idols who were born in Canada, did you know? Here we have some of them.

K-Pop agencies always hold auditions outside of Korea, or their employees may find great artists in other parts of the world sometimes by coincidence. So this musical genre concentrates a variety of artists from different parts of the planet.

And each artist demonstrates their talents, their skills, all of them become the pride of their nations who succeed first in Korea and later in fact in more countries. Nationality doesn't matter when idols are so dedicated and passionate about music and they show it in every comeback and performance.

We know very well that there are idols from China, Japan and even Thailand. But we also have K-Pop artists who have come from even outside of Asia, such as those who traveled from Australia or who were cast in the United States, for example. Although there are also idols who are from Canada.

Here we have some Canadian idols who succeed in K-Pop, we will tell you a little more about them and their stories, so you can get to know them better.

6 K-Pop idols who were born in Canada, what was their journey to becoming an artist like?

1. NCT's Mark

Mark was born in Toronto, Canada and then he moved to Vancouver there's where he auditioned for SM Entertainment and got choosen to be a trainee. Some time later, he debuted as a member of NCT, and he's been also in a lot of its subunits.

Mark is a Canadian idol | Twitter: @MarkLee_Bar

2. THE BOYZ's Jacob

THE BOYZ is a great K-Pop group and one of its members was born in Canada, it's Jacob who is from Toronto. 

Jacob is Canadian | Twitter: @moon_kevinn

3. Somi

Jeon Somi is a soloist who also used to be a part of the girl group I.O.I, she was born in Canada but when she was 1 year old, her family moved to Korea, that's why she didn't spend more time in her country.

Somi was born in Canada | Twitter: @somidouwma

4. P1Harmony's Keeho

Keeho was born in Ontario, Canada and he auditioned for FNC Entertainment with a Michael Bublé song, that's how he became a trainee and then debuted as a member for P1Harmony.

Keeho is a Canadian idol | Twitter: @keehopost

5. Younique Unit's Henry

Henry Lau is a talented idol, actor, composer and violinist, he used to be a part of Super Junior-M and then Younique Unit from SM Entertainment, he's a Taiwanese-Canadian artist who was born in Toronto, Canada.

Henry Lau | Twitter: @reba_davies

6. Apple.B's Sandy

Apple.B was a girl group which debuted in 2017 but then it had to end in 2018, one of the members, Sandy was born in Canada.

Sandy is from Canada | Twitter: @girlgroupspics

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