Bong Joon Ho: 5 Movies to watch to meet this Korean director Bong Joon Ho: 5 Movies to watch to meet this Korean director

Bong Joon Ho: 5 Movies to watch to meet this Korean director

Get to know the director through his incredible films

One of the most recognized Korean directors worldwide is Bong Joon Ho after his multi-award winning film 'Parasite' with which he won the 2020 Oscar for Best Film, Best Director, Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay. In this way the eyes of the world were on the Korean director and mainly on his work within the industry.

His films are characterized by touching on deep issues in terms of social problems both worldwide and in his country, in addition to having great actors as protagonists who help give the film the quality that has characterized Bong Joon Ho's career and so that If you know him better, we bring you some of his films so that you can give them a try.

5 Movies to meet director Bong Joon Ho

1. Snowpiercer

This film is set in the near future as it is the year 2031 and after a failed attempt to combat global warming, planet Earth has begun a new ice age, so conditions are very extreme and the few survivors must find a way to continue alive. Underground there is a train that travels around the world and becomes the only refuge for those who have survived this global tragedy. It also has a spectacular cast including Chris Evans, Song Kang Ho and Tilda Swinton.

Snowpiercer | @VOI

2. Memories of Murder

It is the year 1986 and a young woman is raped and brutally murdered. Months go by and a series of murders in similar conditions appear more and more, revealing a possible serial killer. To find him, a special team is deployed that has appointed a local police detective to lead the investigations and a Seoul police detective will be working alongside him to find the murderer. The cast consists of Song Kang Ho and Kim Sang Kyung.

Memories of Murder | @Filmaffinity

3. Okja

This movie is about a young girl named Mija. She lives with a strange creature named Okja who is actually kind despite his appearance to the contrary. They are very good friends and live their day to day in the mountains taking care of each other. Everything gets complicated when a powerful multinational company responsible for the animal wants to recover it and that's where the problems begin because Mija will do everything possible to prevent it from being taken away. Paul Dano, Steven Yeun and Jake Gyllenhaal act.

Okja | @Filmaffinity

4. Mother

It is the story of a single mother who has to deal with the problems that her 27-year-old son gives her. He is totally dependent on his mother despite his age and only brings her problems because he is very immature and doesn't take problems seriously. One day he is accused of a woman's murder and everything changes in his mother's life because her problems got bigger.

Mother | @Filmaffinity

5. The Host

A monstrous creature appears hanging from a bridge drawing the attention of the inhabitants. Everything becomes complicated for them when the creature comes to life and begins to devour everything in its path. In the midst of all the terror, the creature captures the daughter of a man who lived quietly on the riverbank. The army fails in its mission to destroy the creature, but this man will be the one to save his country from tragedy.

The Host | @MUBI

These are some films by director Bong Joon Ho that we recommend and that you cannot miss because the director is a guarantee that his films will leave you intrigued and excited.

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