Billie Eilish best collab songs Billie Eilish best collab songs

Billie Eilish collaboration songs that you should have in your playlist

Billie Eilish has worked with other artists and peers on songs you need to hear, pick your favorite

Billie Eilish's solo work is great, but so are her collaborations, maybe you already have a favorite. Here we have some that should not be missing from your playlist.

Billie Eilish is a great singer and songwriter, since the beginning of her career she has managed to stand out thanks to the fact that the public empathizes with her songs. Each track of this artist is full of emotions, feelings, experiences and more that she has been able to express through her music.

Billie's hard work is what has given her the fame and popularity that the singer has today. There are a lot of songs that you can listen to, tracks for every mood, some more popular than others but always with the personal stamp of this Pop soloist who has taken over the music industry.

But not only the songs that Eilish has done alone are masterpieces, but also the collaborations that she has had. Billie has worked with a few other artists, combining her talents and leaving great tracks for the fans. With which artists has Billie Eilish been able to get along?

Here we have the best songs in collaboration with Billie Eilish to add to your playlist, have you already chosen your favorite? There are some of them that will stay forever in your mind.

All the collaborations of Billie Eilish with other artists that you must listen to

1. Lovely ft. Khalid

For the soundtrack of the series '13 Reasons Why', Billie Eilish collaborated with Khalid on the song 'Lovely', this even became a TikTok trend and was quite popular, it is one of the favorites.

2. Lo Vas A Olvidar ft. Rosalía

Hispanic singer Rosalía has joined Billie Eilish for another collaboration song. 'Lo Vas A Olvidar' was a song for the soundtrack of the series 'Euphoria' and we love the combination of voices of both singers, don't you think it's great?

3. &Burn ft- Vince Staples

For Billie Eilish's single 'Watch', the singer collaborated with Vince Staples on his song '&burn'. This song has a unique rhythm and we love the clean voice of the singer that we can hear in this track.

4. Bad Guy remix ft. Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish released a remix of her song 'bad guy' so popular, for this new version of that original track she invited Justin Bieber, a music superstar who added a new air to the excellent song.

5. Special mention: No Time To Die ft. FINNEAS

'No Time To Die' is a song that Billie Eilish made for the soundtrack of one of the most recent films in the James Bond franchise. In 2022, the artist received the Oscar for this song and at that ceremony, her brother, her FINNEAS, joined her for the performance of this track.

Now you have many more Billie Eilish songs for your playlist, have you already chosen your favorite? It doesn't matter, you can listen to them all in loop and continue enjoying the talent of this artist.

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