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Billie Eilish: 5 Most expensive things the singer has bought

The interpreter of 'Happier Than Ever' has spent a lot of money on various purchases

The musical phenomenon Billie Eilish has had a successful musical career since its inception and all thanks to her perseverance and great talent. Behind her we must not forget her brother Finneas O'Connell who has been her composer and together they have managed to position some of her songs at the top of the popularity charts.

This situation has brought them not only success, but also a lot of fortune that they have been able to invest either in luxuries, in trips or other things that only they will know. Eilish, being so young, has kept a low profile in which she does not fall into excesses, much less into scandals. His growth within the music industry has happened without some inconvenience.

We will tell you what she has spent part of her fortune on and how it has been for her to manage her money that she has earned thanks to her quality and charisma.

5 Things Billie Eilish has spent her money 

1. Clothing

Billie Eilish has been characterized by her eccentric taste in clothing. The most prestigious designer brands are present in the singer's closet. Among his acquisitions we find garments from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Burberry. Some of these garments cost between $2,000 to $6,000 dollars. Without a doubt, it is a pleasure that does not come cheap for the singer, but it is worth every penny to see her shine on stage and in the presentations where she attends.

Billie Eilish | @cosmopolitan

2. Jewelry

Jewelry plays an important role for Billie Eilish because it is a purchase that she constantly makes, as we see her wearing both necklaces and rings, bracelets and earrings, becoming essential accessories that should not be missing from her outfit. Among her jewels are necklaces of up to $53 million dollars. Some of her cheapest jewelry are earrings that start at $1,000.

Billie Eilish | @vogue

3. Nails

Her nails are very important to the singer as we constantly see her in a different color as well as size and shape. The design of your nails depends on the event to which you are presenting. She has spent up to $200 dollars for a decoration on her nails, which are difficult to see with repeated designs. Feet has shown her love of fixing them and making them look good.

Billie Eilish nails | @popsugar

4. Watches

Watches are also important when choosing the best outfit for the occasion. Among his acquisitions is a Chanel watch that is around $5,700 dollars, up to the most expensive he owns for $40 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that it is hardly seen with watches, we understand that it is one of its most expensive tastes.

Billie Eilish | @Glamourmexico

5. Sneakers

Something that is very important in the singer's outfit could not be missing, the sneakers. Mainly the Jordan Air 1 are Eilish's favorite model in which she has spent up to a thousand dollars. Among his favorite sneakers are from the Balenciaga brand with a value of $995 dollars to some Gucci for $1,350 dollars and the most expensive ones he owns are from this same brand but with diamond inlays that cost $2000 dollars.

Billie Eilish | @wag1magazine

Without a doubt, Billie Eilish has been able to spend her money mainly on accessories such as clothes and jewelry that she wears at every concert or when she goes to a celebration.

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