Extracurricular is a drama of suspense and terror Extracurricular is a drama of suspense and terror

Best suspense and horror K-Dramas to watch at night with your friends

If you don't know what to watch in an evening with your friends, these k-dramas options aren't to be missed!

Not all K-dramas are love stories, there are all kinds of genres, and for all tastes, and if you have not yet found your favorite, get ready because here are 5 recommendations that might interest you.

These stories are a bit out of the conventional love story between the protagonists, as they tell events beyond the everyday, some have to do with cereal killers, police and even psychics.

All these recommendations can be found on the most famous streaming platform Netflix, these recommendations are so good that you will want to finish watching them the same day you start them, but don't worry! These K-dramas are best enjoyed watching them little by little.

If you haven't given Korean series a chance before, this is an excellent pretext to start and immerse yourself little by little in the Hallyu (Korean wave) that has taken over the world of entertainment around the world.

5 k-dramas of suspense and terror

1. Save Me

This K-drama has another type of "horror" because it is about psychological terror, which many times can be even more disturbing than seeing ghosts. 
This story is about a sect that resorts to torture to dominate their faithful believers, a story that for many could be fictitious, however there are real cases about this kind of organizations.

2. The Guest

This 16-episode drama stars Kim Dong-Wook and Kim-Jae-Wook. A rat of a spy, a priest and a medium who are united by their tragic past, they must now join forces to confront a creepy spirit.

3. Extracurricular 

This is a Netflix original series and has 10 episodes. The series is about a student who is very smart and is very applied in school, however he commits a crime in which he involves his friends, what will happen to them? Find out in this mysterious suspense drama.

4. Beyond Evil

This series tells the story of a town where a murder occurs but it is related to another case that has not yet been solved and now it must be solved by two policemen who are played by Shin Hikyun and Yeo Jin-goo. This police drama is not to be missed. You can't miss it if you like serial killer plots and unsolved crimes.

5. Possessed

This K-drama is about a very talented detective named Kang Pil Sun and joins forces with a mysterious medium, who tries to hide her great ability to investigate cases and solve crimes. You can't miss this interesting plot.


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