Lady Gaga's collab songs Lady Gaga's collab songs

Best songs of Lady Gaga in collaboration with other artists

We love the way Lady Gaga has combined her talents with other singers, these are our favorite collaborations

Lady Gaga does not limit herself and has shown her talent alongside other artists, here we have our favorite collaborations of this excellent singer.

Lady Gaga has dominated the music industry for a long time and her talent for music is undeniable. Thanks to her hard work on each song, album, MV and performance of her, this artist has conquered millions of fans all over the world who show her love and support for her.

We can say that now Gaga is a legend in music and that is that she is part of the writing of her songs. She has composed her own tracks of hers with which she has managed to connect with the general public that soon becomes a fan of this singer. There is much to admire about Lady Gaga.

The best thing is that not only have we seen Lady Gaga shine alone, she has actually worked with many other artists in collaboration. Once again there is no limit to this as she has really worked with male and female artists and even of different nationalities.

So here we have some of the best collaborations of Lady Gaga with other artists that we have really loved, they are the best in the world.

Top 7 best songs in collaboration of Lady Gaga with other artists

1. Shallow featuring Bradley Cooper

We all loved 'A Star Is Born' and of course that its soundtrack was amazing, here we have 'Shallow', one of the favorite Lady Gaga's song in which she worked with Bradley Cooper.

2. Telephone featuring Beyoncé

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are queens in music industry and the world collapsed when they both released a song together, 'Telephone' is such an amazing track which also has a very cool MV.

3. I Can't Give You Anything but Love featuring Tony Benett

Lady Gaga's talent is pretty adaptative and she showed it with this amazing collaboration, she worked with Tony Bennet for 'I Can't Give You Anything but Love', which is jazzy and we all liked it.

4. Do What U Want featuring Christina Aguilera

In 2013, Lady Gaga released 'Artpop' an album with amazoing songs and we can find 'Do What U Want' on it, she collaborated with Christina Aguilera for this track and it was just great, the voices of these talented singers together was amazing.

5. Rain On Me featuring Ariana Grande

For 'Chromatica' Lady Gaga had multiple songs in collaboration and one of them is 'Rain On Me' featuring Ariana Grande, this song made the world go down, we all loved it and it got to the top of music charts real quick.

6. Sour Candy featuring BLACKPINK

Here's where we see that musica has no limit, Lady Gaga worked with BLACKPINK, a famous K-Pop idol group in 'Sour Candy' a song e can find on 'Chromatica' too! It was amazing.

7. Chillin featuring Wale

Well, 'Chillin' is not a Lady Gaga's song, it's from Wale who chose her as the perfect artist to collaborate with. This song is kinda old I'd say and a lot of fans won't notice it at first.

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