Best songs from SEVENTEEN's Performance Team for you Best songs from SEVENTEEN's Performance Team for you

Best songs from SEVENTEEN's Performance Team to add to your playlist

SEVENTEEN's Performance Team not only has amazing dancers, they are also great singers and even rap on their best songs

Each subunit of SEVENTEEN has their songs that they release on almost every new album of the idol group, which are the best of the Performance Team?

SEVENTEEN is divided into three fixed subunits in order to enhance teamwork. According to the specialties of each member, they were grouped into vocalists, rappers, and dancers. But this does not mean that everyone is good at all three disciplines, honestly.

But in the Performance Team we will find the best dancers of SVT. This subunit is made up of Hoshi, Jun, THE8, and Dino. The 4 are amazing when it comes to taking the stage, dancing, creating their own choreography whether it's for the whole group, their unit, a couple and even solo.

Almost in every album that SEVENTEEN has released, we can find a song by the Performance Team. In these we have seen the participation of Dino and Hoshi as writers, they also add the best choreography to each composition. It's a pretty energetic, fun and creative team, something that is reflected in their tracks.

So if your SEVENTEEN playlist needs a bit of Performance Team, here are the best songs from this idol group subunit. These are some of our favorites, we hope you really like them.

Top 8 best songs from SEVENTEEN's Performance Team

1. Lilily Yabbay

We can find 'Lilily Yabbay' on the album 'Teen, Age' from SEVENTEEN, this song is just too amazing to be true. It has this magic on the beats and lyrics and we can't get enough of the coreography, everything is perfect.

2. Wave

'Wave' is from the album 'Your Choice', this one will show you that Performance Team is such an adaptable team when it comes to musical genres, it has this cool beats, and we can't forget about the vocals this song has a lot of contrasts too, which we love and it's perfecto for dance.

3. Moonwalker

Michael Jackson has a lot of influence in idols and Performance Team members are not an exception, that's why 'Moonwalker' exists, this song is from the album 'You Make My Day'.

4. Highlight

On the album 'Going Seventeen' we can find 'Highlight', this is a pretty cool song from Performance Team, we really love it. and their performance was amazing, they're the best coreographers indeed.

5. 247

For 'An Ode', Performance Team released a romantic song which lets us enjoy the vocals of these dancers, with '247' they conquered CARAT's hearts.

6. Swimming Fool

We loved 'Swimming Fool' since the very first time we got to listen to its intro, it's a catchy song we can find on the album 'AL1' that SEVENTEEN released in 2017.

7. Jam Jam

Don't judge me, I really like 'Jam Jam' which was one of the first Performance Team's songs, this one is featured on '17 Carat', SEVENTEEN's first album. And we like because it's cool and also shows us the evolution of this subunit.

8. OMG

'OMG' can't be out of this list, of course, we love it and it's from 'Boys Be' album, it's such a great song we really like and it was written by Dino and Woozi, it's an amazing track, it needs to be on your playlist.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN or listening to their songs, we have some from Vocal Team too or if you want them, here we have the best ones from Hip-Hop Team

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