Romantic Comedy K-Dramas you must watch Romantic Comedy K-Dramas you must watch

Best romantic comedy K-Dramas with hilarious love stories

What are the best romantic comedy Korean dramas? Here we recommend some of them

There's nothing funnier than a love story with a touch of comedy and this is why romantic comedy K-Dramas are such a success, which are the best? Add them to your watchlist!

Many Korean dramas take us through various adventures and great plots, each actor in this type of series does their best to present the best characters and completely captivate the public who have become fans of Asian series all over the world. 

In addition, there are many writers and directors who also work hard to be able to present original plots and stories that innovate within the world of entertainment. Korean talent is not limited and this is why K-Dramas have become so popular all over the planet.

Do you already have a favorite drama? Maybe you like stories full of mystery, horror plots, there are action series, or romance. But, it doesn't get any better when romance meets comedy and creates extremely cheesy but also hilarious stories.

So here we recommend some romantic comedy K-Dramas that will make you laugh and love in the same story, you can't miss them.

6 romantic comedy Korean dramas that will entertain you with their love stories

1. Love Revolution

Year: 2020
Starring Park Ji Hoon and Lee Ruby

This funny drama takes us to school, where a cute student falls deeply in love with one of his classmates, he believes that they are destined to be together and will fight to captivate her heart.

'Love Revolution' is a must-watch romantic comedy drama.

2. Run On

Year: 2020
Starring Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung

This drama is about two couples, one of them will be made up of a former sprinter and a translator. While on the other side there will be an empowered woman dating a college boy, what will the dynamic in love be like for her?

Run On | Twitter: @steezyclean

'Run On' has a tender, sweet and very funny story.

3. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Year: 2020
Starring Go A Ra and Lee Jae Wook

In this series we meet a pianist who has gone bankrupt, but her luck changes when she meets someone who will join her with lots of music and fun, how will their love come about?

You won't stop watching 'Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol'.

4. So I Married The Antifan

Year: 2021
Starring Choi Sooyoung and Choi Tae Joon

In this story we will meet an idol who crosses paths with an interviewer, at first they hate each other and seem like enemies. But from love to hate there is only one step, isn't it?

So I Married The Antifan | Twitter: @rimawitch

Add 'So I Married The Antifan' to your watchlist! 

5. Hello My Twenties

Year: 2016
Starring: Han Yeri and Rya Hwayoung

This is a fun K-Drama about 5 girls who are in their 20's, they all have different backgrounds and personalities but they will come together to solve what life will bring them.

'Hello My Twenties' has a story that you will simply love.

6. Her Private Life

Year: 2019
Starring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook

This fun drama is about a talented art curator who is very dedicated to her work, but is also a super fangirl of an idol and must lead a double life as a fan. She puts love aside for her passion for her favorite artist, but everything can change.

Her Private Life | Twitter: @WhoisElleR

Watch 'Her Private Life' with one of the best stories.

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