Photos taken by Suga Photos taken by Suga

Best photos taken by BTS' Suga as a photographer

Did you know that Suga is not only passionate about music? This member of BTS also loves photography and here we have some of his best images

ARMYs have enjoyed Suga's talent as a rapper, singer, dancer, and producer, but did you know he's also a great photographer? Check out some of his best photos.

Min Yoongi has performed as a rapper, singer, and dancer for BTS since the group's debut. But the work of this artist is not limited to the stage, since he also has an active participation in the writing, composition and production of songs for the boy band.

Not only Bangtan Sonyeondan has had all the talent of Suga, he has worked with other artists as well, in collaborations that allow us to see more of his brilliance when working with what he is most passionate about: music. There is a lot we can admire about this idol.

Yoongi also has other hobbies within music, he loves photography, did you know that? This Bangtan rapper has shared many of his photos with his fans, if you have been an ARMY for a long time, then you already know his work behind the camera.

But, in any case, here we will highlight some of the best photos Suga has taken, you can choose your favorite at the end and learn more about this hidden talent of the BTS rapper.

8 pictures taken by BTS' Suga that prove his talent as a photographer

1. Sunset

Through the official account of BTS on Twitter is that Suga usually shares his photos, among them we find a very beautiful sunset.

Sunset by Suga | Twitter: @BTS_twt

2. Nature

Suga's photographs also show us nature, plants and flowers that the idol sometimes captures with the lens of his camera.

Nature by Suga | Twitter: @uhgtae

3. Work

Suga also captures his own work forever in an image, in some of his photos we can see a microphone in the studio where BTS idols usually sing.

A micrphone | Twitter: @BTS_twt

4. Dog

Once, Suga also shared a photo of a dog, this image is in black and white and lets us see how the artist used the approach to capture this little animal.

Dog by Suga | Twitter: @BTS_twt

5. Cat

Suga is a fan of animals and this photo of a cat proves it, the cute little animal is looking at other way but it is a wonderful photo of the BTS idol.

Cat by Suga | Twitter: @uhgtae

6. Street

What matters most in photography? The technique? Stage? Maybe it's the photographer and Suga proves by doing detailed street shots that they look just great.

Street by Suga | Twitter: @uhgtae

7. Back

Suga has not only photographed animals, nature and objects, but also people, here an anonymous man and his back in one of Yoongi's photos.

A man's back | Twitter: @uhgtae

8. The Artist

The artist behind the camera is Suga, so we also have a kind of selfie with his work tool in hand when the idol becomes a photographer.

The artist behind the camera | Twitter: @uhgtae

Now you know Suga's side project, an idol with many talents and among them is photography, what was your favorite image taken by Yoongi?

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