Best producers in K-Pop Best producers in K-Pop

Best idols and producers in the K-Pop industry, who is in the top?

There are many idols who do not limit their work only to the stage and are also geniuses in the recording studio, these are the best producers

In K-Pop there are a lot of all-rounder artists and our favorite idols also often work as producers for their idol group, who are the best?

There is always much to admire about our favorite idols, first of all the fact that they prepare hard and sometimes under difficult conditions in order to debut in a K-Pop group. After this, we will see them work very hard in each comeback, song and performance to show their best to their fans.

A lot of K-Pop artists don't just dabble in music, they tend to dabble in other types of entertainment as well. Some of them work as actors in dramas, others as MCs in variety shows for television or radio. There are also a lot of Korean stars who are into modeling as well.

So K-Pop has complete artists who we can endlessly admire. And that we have not named the masterminds behind the music. There are idols who are also producers, write songs, compose beats, produce tracks for their boy bands or girl groups and even for other artists and that's amazing.

During this month, K-Media placed in the newspaper a top of the 10 best producers in the industry, so here we also bring it so that you can know and admire them even more.

Best 10 idols and producers in the K-Pop industry according to K-Media

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS was the #1 producer in K-Pop industry. He's truly amazing, he learn a lot of things while he was a trainee in JYP Entertainment and he even produced some songs during pre-debut. 3RACHA is simply amazing.

Bang Chan is the best producer | Twitter: @skzinfoesp

2. Joohoney

Joohoney has been writing and producing songs since the very beginning of MONSTA X, he produced his first title track in 2021, 'GAMBLER' was a great hit. He's amazing in his job, a marvelous rapper, songwriter, producer, singer and dancer.

Joohoney is a great producer | Twitter: @DianneMac4

3. Woozi

Woozi is SEVENTEEN's producer, he'd been working on it even on predebut days. He won the award for best producer en 2021. And he keeps doing a great job with his boy band.

Woozi is an amazing producer | Twitter: @jicheol_ph

4. Cho Seungyoun

Cho Seungyoun aka WOODZ is a soloist  who used to be a part of the boy bands Uniq and X1, he writes, produces, raps, sings and dance, he's truly an all-rounder that we admire a lot.

WOODZ is one of the best producers | Twitter: @summertime_csy

5. Hongjoong

ATEEZ has a great producer too, it's Hongjoong who also leads the band, raps, sings and dances. He's great, such a mastermind behind a lot of the group's songs which have turned into ATINY's favorites.

Hongjoong is ATEEZ's producer | Twitter: @HONGSMINGKI

6. Kang Seungyoon

Kang Seungyoon used to be a soloist and then he debuted with WINNER and became their leader, he has been a great producer too and we admire his work a lot.

Kang Seungyoon is another amazing producer | Twitter: @djqanwndqq2

7. Lee Hoetaek

Hui or Lee Hoetaek is one of the members from Pentangon and Triple H, he worked as a producer for a lot of Pentagon's songs as we know he's such a genius when it comes to work in the studio.

Hui is such a great producer | Twitter: @FroggyHui

8. Jay B

Jay B is the leader of GOT7 and he's also been working as a producer for his boy band during its whole history. Now that the idol group is independt, he keeps working hard for it.

Jay B has always been working as a producer | Twitter: @got7scans

9. Jeon Soyeon

The only girl in this top is (G)-IDLE's Jeon Soyeon, she's such an all-rounder, all of her talent is on different songs and she also raps, sings and dances. Femenine power in K-Pop represented!

Soyeon is the only girl best producer for this top | Twitter: @soyeonfg

10. Young K

DAY6 is a great band in K-Pop, they're under JYP Entertainment and Young K is one of the all rounders ther, he's been producing and that shows more of his talents in music.

Young K is also one of the best producers | Twitter: @foxyYoungK_Jae

Kepe reading more about your favorite idols, here we have some amazing friendships in K-Pop. 

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