True beauty is one of the best comedy dramas in the world True beauty is one of the best comedy dramas in the world

Best funny K-dramas that will make you cry with laughter

Here are 5 K-dramas recommendations that will put you in a good mood for a stressful day, have you seen them yet?

With the pace of life we lead nowadays, it is easy for stress to take over us, that is why it is important to have some time to relax and renew ourselves to move forward and face everyday problems.

One of the ways in which we can relax and have a good time is watching K-dramas, because their original stories and their unusual way of telling the plot makes them a good option to spend the day.

And if you want to de-stress you can not miss this list we have prepared for you, because these series will make you cry with laughter! It would also be a good idea to accompany these K-dramas with some good popcorn and some snacks, and why not? In the company of your best friends!

K-dramas that will make you cry with laughter

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This series was released in 2016 and although it has been a while since its release, it is still a humorous story and it also tells a comical love story that will amuse you. This story is about Kim Bok Joo who practices weightlifting and seeks to be the best, on her way to reach her goal she falls in love with a former athlete and their fun adventures begin. 

2. Oh My Venus

This story stars So Ji Sub and Shin Mi Ah, and is about a lawyer who after the breakup of her love relationship begins to neglect her image completely, she gains weight and stops grooming herself. However, our protagonist meets a trainer who will help her achieve her goals. He will help her achieve her goals and she will also live romantic and very funny moments that you will not stop laughing.


3. True Beauty

This comical story is based on a famous webtoon. The story is about a girl who hides her true appearance behind makeup. The plot is set in a school environment that will make you identify with her and will also make you have a good time full of laughs.

4. What's wrong with secretary Kim?

This story is about the life of a CEO with a rather cold personality, but when his right-hand man wants to quit, he tries everything to keep her. This k-drama stars Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, you will cry with laughter.


5. Modern farmer

A musical band called "Excellent Souls" fails in the music scene and to get back on track in their lives they decide to work on a farm to become farmers, while this happens they get involved in a series of very funny situations that will make you feel in a good mood.

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