Suga's solo songs Suga's solo songs

Best Suga solo songs, listen to these tracks of this BTS' rapper

Suga is a multi-talented artist and he has proven it on many occasions, not only with BTS, but also as a solo artist and these songs prove it

There is much to admire about the members of BTS and Suga especially shines as a rapper, with all his talents and musical abilities he has released his own songs for ARMY, know some of them and add them to your playlist

Suga is one of the BTS rappers who has put all his effort and work into the band. Since he is not only engaged in singing and dancing, he is also actively involved in writing, composing, and producing Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs. His work has been reflected in different albums and tracks.

In addition to working with his own groupmates, Yoongi has also worked with other artists, his collaborations as a producer have been very successful and endure in the memory of fans who enjoy more of his skills in the studio. But furthermore, this Bangtan rapper has also released his own songs on mixtapes and such.

There are songs that show more sides of Suga, reflecting all his feelings, thoughts, and emotions. With her lively voice she gives an even more special touch to each track she works on. There is no doubt that he is a multi-talented artist when we mention Min Yoongi.

So here we recommend some songs by Suga from BTS as a solo artist, add them to your playlist and enjoy his solo works that will let you see everything about this amazing idol.

5 of the best Suga's solo songs that you won't get out of your mind and your playlist

1. People

In Suga's mixtape 'D-2', using his alter ego Agust D, we find the song 'People', one that will perhaps make you better understand those existential crises, with its great lyrics and amazing beat.

2. Give It To Me

In 2016, Yoongi released his first mixtape with 'Give It To Me', a song that shows the most powerful of the rapper, his lyrics are hot and the beat will simply charm you.

3. Agust D

Is there anything better than a song with Suga's own name as a solo artist? 'Agust D' is an amazing song that showed a great side of this rapper to his fans, Yoongi expresses himself very well through music and this song proves it.

4. Moonlight

'Moonlight' is a song that shows us Suga at his best, as a talented writer, composer and producer. The best thing about this artist is that in every aspect his creativity stands out and he will really make you love this song.

5. Daechwita

We could say that 'Daechwita' is already a Suga's classic, with this song he has broken amazing records on a lot of digital platforms and became an ARMY favorite with amazing speed.

So now you have many more songs by Suga solo, the rapper has the best tracks that you won't be able to get out of your mind or your playlist.

Keep listening to BTS' idols solo songs, we have more from Jimin that you'll completely love. 

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