MONSTA X songs to conquer non-fans MONSTA X songs to conquer non-fans

Best MONSTA X songs to recommend to those who are not yet MONBEBEs

Do you want to introduce your friends to MONSTA X? Then recommend some of their best songs to become MONBEBEs

MONSTA X is a great K-Pop group that has great songs that anyone can get hooked on and become a fan of. These are the best tracks of the idol group.

MONSTA X is an incredible K-Pop group that debuted in 2015. Since then, the idols in their lineup have proven to be extremely talented and dedicated artists in music and on the stage. All of its members have various abilities that have made a perfect formula in combination.

The history of MONSTA X has had its ups and downs, but this boy group has been a faithful example of perseverance, perseverance and that what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger. The idols of this group have always given their best for MONBEBE, the faithful fandom that is dedicated to showing all their love and support for them.

With each song and performance, this idol group has managed to conquer a lot of fans who have really dedicated themselves to showing their great support for MX. They have excellent tracks and they never limit themselves to just one genre or way of doing performance, they have the best tracks for everyone.

So if you have friends who are not MONSTA X fans, convert them to MONBEBE by recommending these idol group songs that are the best for us.

7 great MONSTA X songs that you can recommend to someone and make them a MONBEBE

1. Play It Cool

The vibes in 'Play It Cool' are pretty amazing, this is a song in which MONSTA X collaborated with Steve Aoki, there's Korean and English version for this one and both are simply amazing.


Why is 'GAMBLER' from 'One Of A Kind' so important? This was the first title track produced by Joohoney, it means that it has all of the MONSTA X's essence, so everyone needs to listen to it.

3. Dramarama

'Dramarama' caught a lot of attention when it was released in 2017, featured on the album 'The Code'. It gave the group its first win and it's such a cool track we know it's gonna conquer those non-fans.

4. Who Do U Love?

MONSTA X reached the international market with their first English album 'All About Luv', and it had the track 'Who Do U Love?' featuring French Montana and we totally love this song and we know for sure it's gonna get stucked to everyone's mind.

5. Rush Hour

In 2021, MONSTA X released a new mini album called 'No Limit' and its title track was 'Rush Hour' which turned out to be a big success for the boy band. It's such a cool song, it gave the group a lot of wins and they charted nicely back then.

6. Shoot Out

In 2018, MONSTA X released the album 'Take.1 Are You There?', which features 'Shoot Out' this one is such a hit we can't get over. We won't only love the music on this track but also its coreography.


Maybe it's good for us to recommend the most recent song of MONSTA X so maybe someone can become a MONBEBE, so we have 'LOVE' which was the latest MX title track which we can find on 'Shape Of Love'.

We love all of the MONSTA X songs, they have such a big variety of genres and tracks, the world must stan them hard. LOL... Well, keep reading more about this group and its members like Minhyuk who had a big surprise for fans during the US Tour. 

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