MONSTA X songs you need on your playlis MONSTA X songs you need on your playlis

Best MONSTA X songs for your playlist, you'll love these tracks

MONSTA X has the best songs for MONBEBE, have you already chosen your favorite? Here we have some that should not be missing from your playlist

MONSTA X is a group full of talent, its members are excellent at singing and dancing, what are their best songs? You can add them to your playlist.

MONSTA X is an excellent K-Pop group that debuted in 2015. 7 members gave their best since the beginning of the group in order to stand out and shine with their unique and original songs and performances. Although MONSTA X's history has its difficult moments, they knew how to deal with them.

The best thing is that the members of MX have an active participation in the writing, composition and production of their own songs. This makes the boy band have an even more personal stamp reflected in each track they offer to their fans. There is a lot that we can find in each album of this idol group.

MONBEBE enjoys the best songs with various moods, stories, lyrics and rhythms that show the variety and adaptability of MONSTA X. They have never been pigeonholed into one tone and we can see their different talents and abilities of the artists of the group shine in each comeback. .

Do you already have a favorite MONSTA X song? Maybe you should listen to some of the ones we recommend to get to know the group better, what are their best songs? Here we leave you some of them.

7 of the best MONSTA X songs you won't stop listening to

1. Shoot Out

In 2018, MONSTA X released the album 'Take.1 Are You There?', where we can find their song 'Shoot Out' which not only has amazing vocals from Kihyun, for example, but also amazing rapping from Joohoney and simply amazing choreography.

2. Alligator

MONSTA X's style is unique and 'Alligator' proves it, a song you'll find on the 'Take.2 We Are Here' album. It's a powerful and strong song both in its beats and vocals, not forgetting the amazing raps as well.


MONSTA X released 'One Of A Kind' in 2021, here we can find 'GAMBLER' the first title track written and produced by Jooheon that perfectly captures the style and great ability of the group and its idols.

4. Love Killa

'Fatal Love' is a sensational MONSTA X album, I would honestly recommend all the songs on this album, but definitely 'Love Killa', its title track embodies a lot of what is contained in the entire release.

5. Monsta Truck

The funky beat of 'Monsta Truck' will rub off on you, this song is on the 'Follow: Find You' album that MONSTA X released in 2019.

6. Rush Hour

At the end of 2021, MONSTA X released 'No Limit' with the title track 'Rush Hour', a song that was a surprising hit for the idol group and that no one can stop listening to.

7. Special

On MONSTA X's album 'The Connect: Dejavu' in 2018, we can find 'Special', a song by the idol group that is simply full of energy. It's a very fun and great track that needs to be on your playlist.

MONSTA X has a lot of great songs that you must listen to, so don't wait any longer to follow and stan them!

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