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Best K-Pop breakup songs that will heal your heart

Are you having a hard time because of love? Don't worry, these K-Pop songs will help you in the healing process.

We know, love is difficult. Everyone can suffer because of a one-side love or a separation. Finishing a relationship it's not easy, sadness and sometimes even rage could make us suffer.

If you are looking for consolation, these K-Pop artists have for you the best advice in their music. The next list will help you to overcome the breakup pain.

K-Pop song to help you after breakup

1. MAMAMOO - Wind Flower (2018)

After a breakup don't pressure yourself too much. It's okay to feel sadness, eventually the pain will be less. 

This is what MAMAMOO has to say in Wind Flower. I'm feeling this pain today but it will "get better day by day".

Let the members of the group and their voices heal your heart.

2. Taeyeon - Fine (2017)

Accept you feeling it's immportant: "I'm not okay", "This is not easy for me" This is what Taeyeon sing for us.

The beautiful voice and powerful voice of the Idol will put you pain away. Cry with this song and let it go. Enjoy it!

3. SHINee - Don't call me (2021)

We also need a few spicy words to let  our pain out. Courage is also part of the breakup process.

SHINee has the perfect song to gain confidence: My value is big and I don't deserve this treatment, so don't call me again.

Which one is the most useful for you? We are cheering for you!

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