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Best BTS ballads dedicated to ARMY that must be on your playlist

The biggest fandom in the world, ARMY has received a lot of affection from their artists. BTS made some special songs for their fans. These are the best ones.

BTS do everything to pay back the love of their fans. Intimate talks, gifts, special shows, they give all as is possible. Of course, their music is really inspired by ARMY, almost every album since their debut has one special track that feels like an emotive letter for the fanbase.

It's not just love and gratitude, the group sends comforting words to ARMY through these songs. The message looks more real when we realize the members themselves wrote their deepest thoughts in the music. 

ARMY you're so lucky!

Listen to these BTS emotive songs made for ARMY

1. 00:00 (Zero O'Clock) - 2020

It is a song of the vocal line of BTS. Jimin, V, Jungkook and Jin gave an emotional interpretation of the words written by RM.

The message for ARMY is pretty clear: if you had a bad day play this song. At midnight you have to send your worries away "and you're gonna be happy".

A special animated video creates the fantastic idea that the members can arrive in your room to comfort you with the music. Watch it here.

2. Pied Piper - 2017

Is not easy to be in a fanbase, it needs a lot of time. BTS know how devoted ARMY is and they are thankful. Anyways, the members don't want the fans to suffer because of this.

The balance in everything is important, even if your love for the group is massive don't forget to pay attention to all the aspects of your life, family, friends, health school or work. Just like RM said:

Now stop watching and study for your test

3. Magic Shop - 2018

It's not a surprise how comforting BTS can be when they try to encourage ARMY. This song is special for those moments when your heart is in pain. 

The group has opened a Magic Shop for the fans, which is really useful to heal. It is an electro-ballad with some instructions to chill:

  • Drink a glass of tea
  • Look up to the galaxy
  • You'll be fine

Which song is your favorite? We love all of them!

Do you prefer to listen to the powerful songs of the Rap line? Here is our recommendation.

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