Best coreographies by BLACKPINK Best coreographies by BLACKPINK

Best BLACKPINK choreographies that you can learn to dance

What are the best BLACKPINK choreographies? Here we have our top for which we will do dance covers

BLACKPINK idols are not only amazing at singing or rapping, they are also excellent dancers and their best choreographies proves it.

BLACKPINK has been characterized by having great songs with which they have conquered a large part of the public. This girl group has released a ton of tracks that quickly become favorites of millions of fans around the world. The idols of this group have shown their fiercest side on many occasions and the public has witnessed it.

What do you like the most about BLACKPINK's songs? We can highlight the voice ranges of the idols, the way of rapping of those who deal with it, perhaps it is the beats in each track. There is much we can enjoy from each composition released by this idol group.

But also BLACKPINK shows and performances are usually very impressive, we love to see all of these idols that leave their soul on stage, the dance and the energy with which they present themselves to the public is simply great. BLINK who has been able to go to an idol concert can confirm that it is not the same as watching them on video.

What are the best BLACKPINK choreographies? Here we have our top 5, you could learn some of them and share your dance cover on YouTube.

Top 5 best BLACKPINK choreographies, this is how they shine on stage

1. Playing With Fire

The choreography of 'Playing With Fire' could be the best of BLACKPINK, the rhythm allows a diversity of movements that the idols manage to control very well, making this performance one of BLINK's favorites.

2. Kill This Love

'Kill This Love' has a choreography with many personal hallmarks of BLACKPINK and their idols, not only because of the coordination of the artists, but also because each one makes the dance simply authentic.

3. How You Like That

For 'How You Like That', BLACKPINK chose an energetic choreography and many fans loved not only watching it, but also practicing and learning it for a dance cover.

4. Whistle

'Whistle' is not only a great BLACKPINK song, it also has great choreography with which the group's idols prove to be great dancers.

5. Don't Know What To Do

The choreography of 'Don't Know What To Do' highlights the dance synchronization of all BLACKPINK members, definitely something that BLINK loves to see at all times.

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