Korean actors before and after debut Korean actors before and after debut

Before and after debut photos of Korean actors, they looked like this before stardom

Do you want to see your favorite actor in pre-debut? Here are some photos from when they were young vs after they debuted

Our favorite Korean actors today look great in front of the cameras, do you know what they looked like before they debuted? Here are some of their photos from before debut vs how they look now.

We can admire a lot of things about our favorite Korean actors. First of all, the great talents that they all have, their professionalism in front of the cameras makes their characters memorable and iconic in the K-Dramas that have become fan favorites.

We can also talk about the hidden talents of many K-actors, many of whom are excellent singers, MCs, models, and more. And there are still some of them who, in addition to being actors, are also idols in some K-Pop group, proving that they are completely talented people.

For fans, all the facts about your favorite Korean actors are important and it's always fun to know more fun facts about them. Or see in them their own history, origins and other anecdotes and experiences that they can share with fans. Don't you think it's amazing?

Well, here we have some photos of our favorite pre-debut actors for you to know more about them when they were very young and still not chasing their dreams as actors.

Before and after photos of our favorite actors, this is how they were in their youth

1. Lee Min Ho

This is Lee Min Ho when he was young vs now, did you know that he used to dream about becoming a soccer player? But now he's one of the best actors in Korea.

Lee Min Ho predebut vs now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

2. Lee Jong Suk

Before becoming an actor, Lee Jong Suk used to be a model. He was one of the youngest models to get to Korea Fashion Week, he's just amazing, don't you think so?

Young Lee Jong Suk | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

3. Song Kang

Song Kang used to be soo cute when on predebut, he wasn't thinking about becoming an actor back then, he wanted to be an architech, but his mind changed and we're greatful for that!

Song Kang on predebut and now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

4. Park Seo Joon

It seems like Park Seo Joon hasn't changed at all since his predebut days, don't you think so? He still looks very young too!

Park Seo Joon then vs now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

5. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum had a big change since his predebut days until now! But look how cute he was, aawww!

Park Bo Gum when he was younger | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

6. Song Joong Ki

We've seen Song Joong Ki in dramas like 'Vincenzo' and 'Descendants Of The Sun', and he used to be an ice skater before becoming an actor, did you know that?

Song Joong Ki on predebut days vs now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

7. Nam Joo Hyuk

Did Nam Joo Hyuk change a lot since predebut? That's what we think so! We all want a glow up like the one this actor had.

Nam Joo Hyuk had a great glow up | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

8. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo started his career in acting a lot of time ago, and now he's over 40 years old, but how did he look during predebut?

Gong Yoo then vs now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

9. Lee Dong Wook

On K-Dramas such as 'Bad And Crazy' or 'Strangers From Hell' we've seen Lee Dong Wook acting, he debuted back in 1999, how did he look before that?

Lee Dong WOook predebut and now | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

10. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook still looks very young, but he was such a cutie back then in predebut days, he looked pretty good but now, he got better with age!

Ji Chang Wook during predebut | Twitter: @_kdramachinggu

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