Beautiful SEVENTEEN songs dedicated to CARAT that will melt down your heart

SEVENTEEN is celebrating its 7th anniversary. Let's recall the best songs of this group dedicated to CARAT.

Is not possible to survive in the K-Pop industry without the support and love of the fanatics. SEVENTEEN just became 7 years old and the celebration came with the renewal of their contract and the studio album "Face The Sun".

These talented artists are always expressing how thankful they are with CARAT for the unconditional love. It makes sense that the self-produced Idols are using their music to show their gratitude.

These tracks were made especially for the fandom. Be ready to explore some of the most beautiful lyrics of the group. 

The Best SEVENTEEN songs dedicated to CARAT

1. For Being Born (2021)

SEVENTEEN dropped a song to celebrate the birthday of CARAT on February 14, 2021. It is a short but sweet track, the perfect present for the fans.

2. Us, Again (2021)

Woozi is a genius to produce the most emotive melodies. Here we can see how the members are feeling safe walking forward because they have each other and CARAT as well.


3. Smile Flower (2016)

The most emotional moment at SEVENTEEN's concerts comes when this melody is sung by the fandom. The group explores in these lyrics the fear of losing CARAT. At the same time, they are explaining how hard they're working to make the fans happy.

Our smile flowers bloom.

I'll be the spring to you smile.

What other SEVENTEEN song makes is means a lot to you?

Have you listened to "If You Leave Me"? We are telling why this SEVENTEEN's song is so special.

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