STRAY KIDS has a lot of strenghts which Bang Chan revealed STRAY KIDS has a lot of strenghts which Bang Chan revealed

Bang Chan reveals all the strengths of the STRAY KIDS members

STRAY KIDS leader Bang Chan knows the members of the group very well and knows very well what they excel at, what strengths do they have?

STRAY KIDS make a great teamwork and these idols are led by Bang Chan, who knows his members better than anyone, do you want to know what are their strengths?

One of the most successful and important K-Pop groups of the moment is STRAY KIDS, a group which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2017, it had 9 members but now there are only 8. Since the very beginning, even befor their debut there was its leader.

Bang Chan was choosen by JYP to lead SKZ, maybe it was because of his age or his time as a trainee, he trained for 7 years before his debut. Chan took a big part of STRAY KIDS since the very beginning, he had to help chose the other members and he also desingned the logo of the idol group.

Being a leader is not an easy job, but Christopher Chan has been doing an amazing work as the head of STRAY KIDS. He's also a songwriter, composer and producer. He cares a lot about his members and STAY and there are countless proofs of this.

Bang Chan also knows a lot about his members and he revealed what are their strenghts, do you want to know what did the STRAY KIDS leader said about his fellow groupmates?

These are STRAY KIDS members strenghts according to Bang Chan

1. Lee Know

Bang Chan said that Lee Know is the friend who always helps the others no matter what, even if he might look like he doesn't care at all he does and he will help whenever he can do it, that Minho's strenght.

Lee Know's strenghts | Twitter: @Ieeknowfiles

2. Changbin

Bang Chan revealed that Changbin is very persevering when something gets into his mind, he works hard for his goals. He also said that Binnie tends to think outside the box and he can adapt easily to every situation. He also recongizes that Changbin is cool.

Bang Chan talked about Changbin's strenghts | Twitter: @seolarsmoon

3. Hyunjin

Similar to Changbin, Bang Chan recognizes that Hyunjin works hard for something that he likes or is interesed in. He keeps practicing, dancing, singing in order to be better and improve his abilities.

Hyunjin's strenghts according to Bang Chan | Twitter: @Skzinstaupdate

4. Han

Bang Chan thinks that the strenght of Han is that he won't get stuck at something, he's always having the futre in mind, working on the next thing. He will get over everything and do something new, he won't hold onto something.

Han's strenghts | Twitter: @Skzace4

5. Felix

Bang Chan said that Felix is STRAY KIDS' true happiness, the leader revealed that his groupmate gave him strenght, he was cute, fun,cheerful and wanted to spend time with the other guys, that's his strenght.

Felix has these strenghts according to Bang Chan | Twitter: @Skzinstaupdate

6. Seungmin

Seungmin has a big heart and he's always toughtful, he cares a lot about his fellow members and shows his affection for them, that's what Bang Chan said about the strenghts of his groupmate.

The strenghts of Seungmin | Twitter: @Skzinstaupdate

7. Jeongin

Last but not least, STRAY KIDS maknae Jeongin is someone relieable and mature who helps his hyungs a lot, Bang Chan said this and despite of Jeongin's age, Channie tends to admire him.

Jeongin has great strenghts | Twitter: @YangJeongin_PHL

Sadly, as it was Bang Chan who named his members' strenghts, he didn't revealed his own ones, but we think that he's an amazing leader and with a lot of good qualities, Channie best leader!

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, here we tell you more about Bang Chan's anti-boredom formula for STAY. 

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