J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung on VLive J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung on VLive

BTS was on VLive after its concert, what happened during its online streaming?

BTS wanted to share more time with ARMY afte PTD On Stage, so they streamed on VLive and this is what happened

J-Hope, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin joined ARMY after the third night of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas via VLive, this is what happened during this online streaming.

Maybe BTS is not always physically close to their fans, but we have a lot of platforms and social networks where Bangtan can share and even talk to its fans. We usually see them using Twitter, Weverse and Instagram now that they all revealed their personal accounts.

So, ARMY can join Bangtan Sonyeondan virtually too, and the best thing is that the idols can keep in touch with fans even on real time by streaming via VLive. This is one of the best platforms for fans to communicate with their favorite K-Pop artists.

On VLive, the Bangtan Boys tend to stream online for their fans and read the comments that ARMY send there. They always take this platform after important events and concerts are not an exception. That's why idol group streamed online last night after the thir concert of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas.

J-Hope, Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin were having their dinner and streamed on VLive for ARMY, do you want to know what did they say during this broadcasting?

5 things that happened during BTS' last VLive

1. Jimin's OST

ARMY is excited for Jimin's OST for the K-Drama 'Our Blues', so the boys talked a little bit about it, Taehyung said: 'I've heard it before, it's really cool!'. And Jimin added something:

It's my first time doing an OST and I want to try many more things so this is the beginning! I will work hard!

Jimin talked about his first OST | Twitter: @PJM_vocal

2. Yoongi, marry me!

It doesn't matter if Suga wasn't doing VLive, BTS knows that there'll be a comment that says; 'Yoongi, marry me!' anyways, so J-Hope read the comments and there it was, LOL, Tae and Mochi laughed hard.

3. The friendship tattoos

ARMY was commenting about BTS' friendship tattoos and J-Hope was surprised that his fandom knows about them but Tae confessed he told fans about it. So they put the tattoos up for a vote and ARMY was totally okay with them having them.

4. US Tour was the funniest one for BTS

Jimin said that on this US tour, the members talked a lot with each other and that he has had a few drinks with Hobi-hyung. He added that it was a very fun tour. Taehyung confirmed this, saying that it was the most fun tour and that they spent a lot of time in Jungkook's room, and Hobi said that her room is nice, it has a great atmosphere.

BTS loves its US Tour | Twitter: @Just_Angie_0517

5. Taehyung's TMI

ARMY always wants a TMI from BTS members, so Taehyung confessed something, he said:

Every time I play golf, people tell me I'm a prodigy. I think I keep playing because people tell me I'm good.

Taehyung told us his TMI | Twitter: @katie_withlove

6. Extra: Jungkook's appearance

Jungkook wasn't there during the whole VLive, he appeared at the end and surprised ARMY and Taehyung was surprised too, LOL. (Or should we say whipped?).

Jungkook appeared and surprised ARMY | Twitter: @BTSArmy_47

So that's pretty much what happened during BTS' VLive, now you know more about them.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we have the best moments of PTD On Stage In Las Vegas Night 3. 

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