BTS in the last concert of PTD On Stage In Seoul BTS in the last concert of PTD On Stage In Seoul

BTS third Permission To Dance On Stage date had these amazing moments

BTS finished its Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul concerts, did you miss the last one? Watch their best moments

The third BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul concert has a bittersweet taste, as it had great moments but it was the last date of these shows.

There is nothing that BTS loves more than face-to-face concerts, as they are perfect for meeting their fans again. Due to the pandemic, these events had stopped, they couldn't have an audience at their shows or performances for television, something that made the members of this boy band extremely sad.

Although they also took the opportunity to reach many parts of the world with their online concerts, they already wanted to resume the live public ones so they could see their fans. At the end of the long wait and almost two years after their last concert, Bangtan Sonyeondan was able to have a live show again, it was four dates in Los Angeles.

After Los Angeles, the Bangtan Boys decided to perform in their native country and ARMY from South Korea was finally able to have a concert to share the best moments with the boy band. Three more dates were added to the Bangtan tour and thousands of fans gathered at the Olympic Stadium to live three unforgettable nights next to the idols.

The first night was magnificent, the second night was amazing, and this third night is a bit bittersweet as it had great moments, but it was the last of this series of concerts in Korea. These are som of the best moments of BTS Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul last date.

Best moments from day three of BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul

1. The banners

It's like a tradition for K-Pop groups that fans prepare banners for their concerts and now that the three dates of PTD On Stage In Seoul are over, we have 3 banners with messages from ARMY.

Day 1 : Thankfully between you and me nothing has changed

Day 2 : We're each other's love & each other's fan

Day 3 : After the cold winter, we'll meet again on a Spring Day

BTS' banners for Permission To Dance On Stage | Twitter: @btsqtsarchive

2. What ARMY would need

BTS made the last night of PTD On Stage a very special one and their setlist was full of songs and moments that would bring ARMYs to tears. This is why Jungkook knew that what ARMY would need the most would be tissues to wipe away their tears.

Jungkook knew ARMY would need tissues | Twitter: @jjksceo

3. The soundcheck

For the soundcheck, BTS decided to look expensive with their outfits, this is also a memorable moment for ARMY who could see the preparation for the big show that would come in the night.

BTS at the soundcheck | Twitter: @butterjungkooky

4. Jungkook's broken clothes

BTS idols are not ashamed to show their bodies, show ARMY the results of the gym and look amazing with their natural beauty, although a small mistake in Jungkook's clothes revealed his exposed torso and the fans did not stop looking at him .

Jungkook's clothes failed a little bit | Twitter: @bangtnlovre

5. The last messages

Every time a concert ends, BTS tends to give an important message to their fans, here we have some phrases of what the idols said in the last messages dedicated to ARMY in PTD On Stage In Seoul.

BTS' last messages for ARMY | Twitter: @seokjin_189

For now, BTS has said goodbye to the stage, although it won't be long before they meet their fans again. Next time will be in Las Vegas with four new Permission To Dance On Stage dates.

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