BTS and their most streamed songs on YouTube BTS and their most streamed songs on YouTube

BTS songs with the highest views on YouTube, which one is your favorite?

ARMY and BTS make the best team and both have achieved a lot of records on YouTube, these are the songs with most views

BTS has shone with all their songs on many digital platforms and one of them is YouTube, which tracks have the highest number of views on this site?

BTS has managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records thanks to its great feats within various digital platforms worldwide. Especially on YouTube where the K-Pop group has accumulated endless views thanks to all the streaming that ARMY has been in charge of doing.

It seems that Bangtan Sonyeondan's marks on YouTube are unattainable, and they have also achieved various records in the shortest amount of time. This is only because of all the support that the boy band receives, both from the general public and from their loyal fans who are more dedicated every day.

The views in Bangtan's MVs have also made this group become a trend, thus reach many more listeners who won't hesitate to become ARMYs quickly. This is how the fandom grows more and more and spreads throughout the planet, there's no place without BTS fans.

But which BTS songs have the most views on YouTube? These have incredible numbers and the best thing is that the visits continue to increase, these are the records of the group.

BTS has amazing view records with these songs on YouTube

1. Boy With Luv

'Boy With Luv' is a great BTS' hit, this song became popular quickly, and it's probably the most famous one of the K-Pop group, it has 1.4 billion views on YouTube and we can find it on the album Map of the Soul: Persona.

2. DNA

One of BTS' biggest hits is 'DNA', its intro whistle completely captivated the audience and today it has 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

3. Dynamite

'Dynamite' was the first english single from BTS, this one conquered the world and the boy band became really even more popular bakc then in 2020 when they released this song. It has 1.4 billion views.

4. MIC Drop

For 'MIC Drop', BTS collaborated with Steve Aoki, that's how all of the artists on this song put a lot of effort and all of their talent to make a perfect song. The MV for this song has 1.1 billion views on YouTube.


'Love Yourself: Answer' is the album where we can find 'IDOL' an amazing song from BTS, the K-Pop group released it in 2018, and now it has 1 billion views on YouTube. This one is ARMY's favorite track.

6. Fake Love

'Fake Love' is a song from the album 0'Love Yourself: Tear', BTS released this one in 2018 and its title track took all of the fans senses, with its beat, lyrics and performance. It has 1 billion views and the view count keeps growing.

Is one of these your favorite BTS song? These are pretty amazing, that's why they've became so popular.

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