BTS songs with a lot of wins BTS songs with a lot of wins

BTS songs that have obtained the most wins on Korean music shows

How many wins has BTS obtained in its entire history? These are his songs with the most awards in music shows

Each BTS song has been a big hit and their tracks have racked up a ton of wins on Korean music shows, which ones have gotten the highest number?

BTS is a great K-Pop group with a long career and history. Their achievements and records have been recognized both in Korea and around the world, this idol group dominates the music industry and there is no doubt about that. Of course, it's all thanks to the great work of its members and the fandom that loves and supports this boy band.

Every song that Bangtan Sonyeondan releases becomes a big hit, there is no doubt that the talent of this group is immense and that the members always give their best for ARMY. This is why they also shine like no other in their performances when they perform on Korean music shows.

And speaking of these shows, we know very well that the wins are extremely important for all idol groups and for Bangtan it has not been the exception, since the first win that this idol group had, they have not stopped. And of course, they are always happy to receive more trophies because they not only symbolize their effort, but also the love and support of ARMY.

How many wins does BTS have in total? Here is the list of their songs that have achieved the most wins on Korean music shows.

Top 8 BTS songs with the most wins on Korean music shows

1. Dynamite - 32 wins

Woah! Dynamite holds the record for the BTS song with the most wins ever, it got 32, it was such a hit, OMG, this English single that the idol group released did an amazing job! And the fun thing is that Bangtan didn't even made a performance on Korean music shows with this song.

2. Boy With Luv - 21 wins

Oh! Boy With Luv is actually one of the most popular Bangta Boys' songs, and it got a total of 21 wins back then, it was a great era for this idol group.

3. ON - 16 wins

'ON' is a great song with an amazing performance, it's featured on the album 'Map of the Soul: 7' which was released back in 2020, this one gor a total of 16 wins on Korean music shows.

4. Butter - 13 wins

Just like 'Dynamite', BTS didn't promote 'Butter' in Korea but it actually got 13 wins too! It was great, every week they kept winning and getting more trophies. This is another English single from the boy band.

5. Fake Love - 12 wins

ARMY can't get over 'Fake Love' era, this track and performance were amazing and we know that it was such a hit since this one got 12 wins in total.

6. DNA - 10 wins

We can say that 'DNA' is also one of the most popular K-Pop songs ever, and it got 10 wins in total. This one is featured on the album 'Love Yourself: Her' released on 2017.

7. Yet To Come - 9 wins

Acutally 'Yet To Come' is tied with another BTS song for wins, but as this is the most recent one, we can't take it out the top. This song from 'Proof' which was released in 2022 got 9 wins.

8. Permission To Dance - 8 wins

As all of BTS' English songs, 'Permission To Dance' wasn't promoted in Korea but it still got 8 wins on Korean music shows, what can we say? This is the power of BTS!

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