BTS' RM, J-Hope and Suga BTS' RM, J-Hope and Suga

BTS songs by the Rap Line that make the antis quiet

BTS has some of the best rappers in the Korean industry. These sharp songs can shut up the hate comments against the group.

Even those who don't like BTS can't deny how talented and powerful are the rappers of the biggest boy group in the world. In its music, you can find some of the fattest and most creative raps of the K-Pop

Due to the massive popularity of Bangtan, the Idols are increasing exponentially the magnitude of their fandom. However, just like RM said: "If there's light, there's always shadow." The group already know that they also have been receiving too many hate comment just because.

Even if they don't put too much attention to the antis, they have released some songs that are perfect to make the haters quiet. Let's listen to the greatest RM, Suga and J-Hope tracks where they spit some sharp words out.

BTS song for the antis by the Rap Line

1. DDAENG (2018)

Every single detail about the group is a good reason for the antis to criticize them. These lyrics are using too many references to the Korean culture to make one point clear: No matter how hard the haters try, no one can take away BTS's achievements.

2. Cypher PT. 4 (2016)

Here the rappers took various hate comments to be part of the lyrics. These people don't know truly the members. The Idols ended up advising the antis: You should love yourselves!

3. UGH! (2020)

This song is not a simple song for the haters. The deep message explores how the people who attack them are wasting 'rage'. There are too many causes that should be getting our rage to change the thing. But the antis are just wasting their time.

Among these fierce songs, which one is your favorite?

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