BTS' rap line BTS' rap line

BTS rap line's songs that demonstrate the level of its rappers

BTS rappers are not a joke and they have great songs that you will love

BTS is made up of simply sensational vocalists and rappers and this K-Pop group's free rap has great songs that you won't listening to.

Who are the BTS rappers? The rap line of this K-Pop group is filled with the talents of RM, J-Hope, and Suga. This trio of artists is not only limited to rapping, they also have beautiful vocals, they are good dancers and their work as song writers, composers and producers also stands out.

In its beginnings, Bangtan Sonyeondan was much more attached to Hip-Hop than now, even the boy band started as an entirely rap project, although with the arrival of vocalists everything was adjusted to become a great idol group with an excellent formula.

Although each Bangtan rapper has their own personal style and stamp, each one gives the group a unique essence that makes each track stand out. Their combination is simply amazing and ARMY loves to see and hear them in action both in the studio and on stage.

Have you already listened to some of the songs from the BTS rap line? As a unit, they have released quite a few tracks that you need on your playlist.

Songs from the BTS rap line that show that its rappers are professional

1. The Cyphers

BTS's rap line has released a total of 4 songs 'Cypher', these are ARMY favorites and some are stronger than others, but you definitely have to listen to them all. Here we leave you a compilation of these Cyphers that you will not stop listening to.

2. Phaldogangsan

'Phaldogangsan', a song also called 'Satoori Rap' is a track from the album 'O!RUL8,2?', although it also has the collaboration of the other members of BTS, it is focused on their rap line.

3. UGH!

In the album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' that BTS released in 2020 you will find the song 'UGH!' of the BTS rapline. His beat is just great and you may also love the lyrics of this composition.


This is a mixtape song that BTS rap line released in 2018. 'DDAENG' has great lyrics and great beat that has enchanted ARMY over time.

What is your favorite song by BTS rappers? They have quite good tracks that ARMY does not stop loving.

If you love rap from K-Pop, then listen to these idol rappers' songs, add them all to your playlist! 

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