BTS during pre-debut BTS during pre-debut

BTS pre-debut photos, this was their time as BigHit trainees

How was BTS in pre-debut? These photos will show you the time of the idols as they prepared to debut

Do you want to know what the members of BTS were like before they debuted? Here are some of their photos during their time as trainees.

The history of BTS does not exactly start in 2013, it begins even before the idol group debuted. BigHit Entertainment had already had a few groups that it launched before, but this time something stronger was coming, planned and expected to be just big.

Bangtan Sonyeondan's project was originally a Hip-Hop group, RM was the first boy recruited and had a big share in the early days of the group. Later, more trainees joined the K-Pop agency and little by little the group that was about to debut soon would take better shape.

Each BTS member was recruited differently and at different times. Before finally taking to the stage and showing off their talents in front of the public, all the boys prepared hard by working day by day to hone their skills. So since then, the members of the group have stayed together.

Do you want to see the members of BTS when they were still trainees? Here are some pre-debut photos of the group so you can meet them at a younger stage.

Pre-debut photos of all the members of BTS, this is how the BigHit trainees were

1. RM

The leader of BTS, RM was the first member to join BigHit and this is how he was during his trainee stage, a very young time.

RM during pre-debut | Twitter: @kimnamjoonpics

2. Jin

The oldest member of BTS is Jin, but in his time as a BigHit trainee he was so young and small, his pre-debut photo will fill you with cuteness.

Pre-debut Jin | Twitter: @jinpakasso

3. J-Hope

What was J-Hope like in pre-debut? Before being a BigHit Entertainment trainee, this idol was already a street dancer and he was really passionate about this.

J-Hope on his trainee days | Twitter: @BTS_Indo

4. Suga

Suga always loved rap even before he debuted, although maybe his plans were not to belong to a K-Pop group, he finally became a trainee and now shines with BTS.

Suga during trainee time | Twitter: @DdaengLife

5. Jimin

There is quite a lot of pre-debut content of Jimin, but here we have one of his photos. Mochi really tried very hard to be a part of BTS.

Jimin during pre-debut | Twitter: @parkjiminpics

6. Taehyung

Did you know that Jimin helped Taehyung a lot in the pre-debut time? They both went to school together and Mochi used to wake up his classmate to go to study, awww. Here's a picture to remember those days.

Taehyung during trainee time | Twitter: @cutebtspics

7. Jungkook

Jungkook! The maknae of BTS, the youngest boy, how cute is he. Well, during pre-debut he was also very cute. Wow!

Jungkook during pre-debut | Twitter: @bykookia

Now you know BTS in pre-debut, weren't they the cutest photos ever? This has been just great, traveling to the past and seeing Bangtan boys when they were young <3.

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