BTS path to the Grammy Awards BTS path to the Grammy Awards

BTS' path to the Grammy Awards, will the group win this year?

Get to know everything about BTS' history at the Grammys in anticipation of this year's ceremony. 2022 could be the moment in which the group takes its first Grammy

BTS stardom was not built overnight and its history shows that its moment at the Grammys is more than justified, how has the group's path been to reach this great ceremony?

BTS is the most successful K-Pop group, its popularity and international fame are only a faithful example of the work and dedication of each of its members. Bangtan artists were increasingly looking for a new way to reach new fans and conquer the world.

Obviously, Bangtan Sonyeondan's path has been full of good and bad times, which all of their idols were able to overcome and move on together. Their story begins even before 2013, when 7 boys joined BigHit Entertainment at different points in time, but with the same goal: to debut as a new K-Pop group.

When Bangtan entered the K-Pop market, they began their great career, little by little they began to attract the attention of fans, first in South Korea and little by little they spread throughout Asia, until they finally achieved the great success they have worldwide today. There is no country or continent where something about BTS is not known.

As you may know, BTS will be present at the 2022 Grammy Awards, one of the most important international music ceremonies. Do you want to know what the group's path has been like to get there? Here we have all the details.

All the steps of BTS on its way to the 2022 Grammy Awards, this is their story

1. 2013-2018

BTS debuted in 2013 and their fame has been growing little by little since then. The successes were accumulating, ARMY was growing, it sounded more and more on behalf of the group. By 2018, they had completely conquered Billboard, what was their next goal? Suga wanted to get to the Grammys.

Suga wanted to get to the Grammy Awards | Twitter: @MinyoongiSpain

2. 2019

In 2019, it was BTS' first appearance at the Grammy Awards, they presented one of the awards at the ceremony and RM promised that they would return. That was a special moment, with great promise.

BTS members were presenters for the Grammys in 2019 | Twitter: @modooborahae

3. 2020

The popularity of BTS was growing more and more and although they had already been awarded in other ceremonies, a greater opportunity would soon be offered at the 2020 Grammys. The K-Pop group joined Lil Nas X for a performance, that was the first time Bangtan stepped on the awards stage.

4. 2021

In 2021, BTS earned their first Grammy nomination for the song 'Dynamite' in the Best Pop Duo/Group category. Although they were not winners, this did not discourage them and the idols thanked ARMY for their support in this award. Also in that year they had a solo performance with their song 'Butter'.

5. 2022

BTS is once again nominated for the Grammy Awards in the Best Pop Duo/Group category, but not only that, in 2022 they will also perform again on stage during the ceremony. Could this be the moment of victory for Bangtan Sonyeondan in this award?

Will this be BTS' year in the Grammy Awards? | Twitter: @modooborahae

We hope for the best for BTS at the Grammys in 2022. Surely the group will shine on stage and we hope that this time they will win the grand prize.

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