BTS for 'Spring Day' BTS for 'Spring Day'

BTS music videos with the most interesting meanings, these stories are unbelievable

BTS members are the K-Pop Kings of music videos. These wonderful stories are the best of their career.

Are you joining the BTS fandom? If you want to be part of ARMY, you need to be ready for tons of theories. Millions of fans spend a lot of time trying to figure out the meaning behind Bangtan's music videos.

As you may know, the K-Pop sensation has conquered the most important charts with powerful singles such as "Dynamite" and "Butter". Those are the perfect song to dance to and have a good time at the party.

However, BTS discography was made mostly based on interesting lyrics. These seven Idols usually drop music with a deep meaning behind it. As result, the music videos of these masterpieces have unique stories to tell as well.

The fans have been building some explanations about these iconic songs. After watching these music videos, you'll be convinced that BTS is actually an intellectual K-Pop group. Let's enjoy the show!

BTS music video with a deep meaning 

1. Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)

This video has tons of references to Demian, the novel by Hermann Hesse. It explores the duality between good and evil, and temptation. Every scene is gorgeous.

2. Film out (2021)

This Japanese single is quite complicated. There are many theories about it. Anyways, is obvious that it reflects the fear about time (or future). What do you think about it?

3. IDOL (2018)

Here we'll find many references to the lyrics. The members are exploring their condition as Idols, artists, singers, or whatever way people call them.

4. ON (2020)

We are in front of another masterpiece. The direction and production of ON are out of this world. It uses metaphors about war through some Christian symbols.

5. Spring Day (2017)

This is one of the most emotive songs of BTS career. The lyrics talk about the sadness of losing a friend. The video is inspired by the book "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas".

Among these great videos, which one is your favorite?

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