What's the type of voice of each BTS member? What's the type of voice of each BTS member?

BTS members have a unique type of voice, how does each one sing?

What is the type of voice of each member of BTS? Here we tell you how each idol in this group sings

Each member of BTS has a tone, rhythm, range and more when it comes to singing, do you know what kind of voices this K-Pop group has?

The members of BTS are extremely talented and hardworking, all of them have worked hard in their songs and performances to give the best to ARMY and continue to conquer more hearts of the entire public that gives them the opportunity and listens to them.

Through the history of Bangtan Sonyeondan we can see the evolution of the group and its members, as artists, as human beings and also the relationship they have had with their fans for almost 9 years now. They have all had eye-opening growth that has only come with effort.

We can distinguish the members of Bangtan as vocalists, rappers and dancers. But the truth is that all of them are excellent singers that even in the most melodious songs of the idol group we can find a unique talent in the way of singing of each of these artists.

Do you know what type of voice each member of BTS has? Here we tell you what is the way of singing of each of these incredible idols. Surely they can serve as an example to follow for those who want to shine on stage with their voice.

What is the type of voice of each BTS member?

1. RM

We can say that RM has a type of voice like lyric baritone, he has a great control of air, his voice is deep and he never miss the tone. He can control his voice and give an intention to it too.

RM singing | Twitter: @dejease

2. Jin

Jin is a natural tenor, we have seen him getting a better voice over the years, it's an artistic growth of this idol. He has a very emotional voice, it's also very soothing and pure. We noticed that he can add some textures to the song with his voice.

Jin is a natural tenor | Twitter: @RDavignon_97

3. Suga

Some people think that Suga is a baritone, he has this kinda raspy voice but he can add some emotions to it. Of course that his rapping skills are amazing, but he's also a great singer too.

Suga's type of voice | Twitter: @linchedin25

4. J-Hope

J-Hope has a type of voice light lyric tenor, his voice is soft and warm, is god at harmonizing and expressing emotions when he sings. We love it when Hobi raps but also when he sings.

J-Hope's voice | Twitter: @PopSheets

5. Jimin

Jimin has a great control of the tone of his voice and he's pure tenor, his voice is so good, we all love to listen to it, it's pretty soothing. He can change of range with a slow scale too.

Jimin sings in this way | Twitter: @Bangtankopi

6. Taehyung

Taehyung is a baritone, he has a unique voice, and he can chage the tones and ranges easily even if its kinda low. He has a wide range of voice and he also has an impressive high tone.

Taehyung singing | Twitter: @wcYEK0ufjxcOwtd

7. Jungkook

Jungkook is a light lyric tenor with a relaxed falsetto, just like his technique. He has a light and birghtful tone that's goves a better touch to any BTS' song. And he has also showed this with his own songs and covers.

Jungkook has a great voice | Twitter: @JIMIN951013_BTS

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