BTS' emojis used by ARMY BTS' emojis used by ARMY

BTS is represented by emojis, what is each member's emoji?

What emoji represents each member of BTS? So you can identify each idol of the group with its icon

ARMY tends to use emojis in order to represent BTS members, if you still can't identify them, here we tell you which one is used for each Bangtan idol.

BTS has a well organized fandom and we know that fans tend to be a great source of information for other fans. That's why we can find a lot of fan accounts around, it could be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where ARMY has a lot of profiles filled with photos, video, information and more about Bangtan.

It's cool to see how big is Bangtan Sonyeondan fans' community even online, Internet is a place where a lot of ARMYs are connected no mare where they're and that makes the team even bigger and work better from any part of the world. It's just amazing if we think a little more about it.

But sometimes social networks have limits and it makes it hard for us to communicate something that won't take yous a few characters to explain. But every fanbase has its own way to do things and ARMY tends to use emojis to represent shortly each Bangtan member.

Do you know which emoji represents each BTS member? Here we tell you which are the ones that ARMY uses, so you can identify them if you're a Baby ARMY and won't recognize them well right now.

The emojis which represent each BTS member

1. RM

RM tends to be represented by the koala emoji since his BT21 character is this animal, ARMY used it as the Bangtan leader's icon.

RM's emoji | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

2. Jin

ARMY uses a hamster as the representative emoji of Jin, the fandom choose this animal since it reminds fans of Seojjin when he eats and fills his cheeks with food.

The emoji for Jin | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

3. Suga

Fans use the smiling cat emoji for Suga, since he's well known to have a cat's personality, Yoongi is just like this cute animal so ARMY represents him with this icon.

Suga is represented by an cat | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

4. J-Hope

ARMY uses two emojis for J-Hope, one of them is a squirrel since he uses a little bag which is like a bag for acorns. And an unircorn too because it's his BT21 character.

J-Hope's emojis | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

5. Jimin

Chicks are the perfect emoji for Jimin since ARMY thinks that Mochi looks like a chick, so they use all the variables of this icon for the idol of BTS.

Jimin is represented by chicks | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

6. Taehyung

Taehyung has two emojis too even if he made ARMY choose, the fandom still uses both for him. A tiger since V likes them and are also his spirit animal, and a bear because that's how his grandma used to call him.

Taehyung's emojis | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

7. Jungkook

A rabbit is used to represent Jungkook since his BT21 character, Cooky, is this animal so ARMY chose it for JK.

Jungkook is a rabbit emoji | Twitter: @GrlyPtty

Now that you know which emoji represents each BTS' member, we have a quiz for you. find out what kind of relatioship would you have with Jungkook

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