BTS tattoos for you BTS tattoos for you

BTS inspired tattoo ideas for ARMY that will love them for life

Well, you don't need a tattoo to love BTS forever but surely many fans will like to wear them even on their skin

A lot of fans show their love through tattoos and it's so beautiful to find BTS-inspired art, right? Here we have some ideas so that you can also wear the idols on your skin.

BTS has so many fans, surely we couldn't count them all even by doing a census by country. Since also, ARMY has grown exponentially very quickly. Absolutely no one can resist the charms of this incredible idol group. Their songs and performances are the best.

ARMY is just amazing fandom, always make the best team with Bangtan Sonyeondan to achieve great achievements for the idol group. There is no doubt that each fan truly shows their love. It is because of them that Bangtan has managed to reach Billboard, broken records on YouTube, Spotify and others. And be awarded in the best events.

ARMY's dedication is admirable, this fanbase really knows what unity and love for a group means. This is a wonderful thing and there are so many ways for fans to show their love and support for Bangtan Boys, the creativity will not be limited to just votes or mentions.

There are BTS fans who make the best fanarts, covers and there are even those who have gotten a tattoo inspired by the boy band, have you also thought about having one? Here we have some ideas for you, so you can take Bangtan everywhere and forever on your skin.

10 BTS inspired tattoo ideas that ARMY can get to show their love

1. The logo and the whale

YAs you might know, a purple whale represents BTS and in this tattoo idea they mixed the whale and the logo of the group, don't you thnik it looks pretty cool?

The whale with the logo | Twitter: @TaeSuga22227558

2. Heart from LYS

BTS has a series of albums called 'Love Your Self' and these ones have a heart which you can get tattooed if you love those CDs or your favorite Bangtan's song is in one of them.

LYS tattoo | Twitter: @JJKsuperhero

3. Mikrokosmos

o'Mikrokosmos' is one of ARMY's favorite BTS songs and if you want to get a bigger tattoo, here we have this idea inspired by said song.

Mikrokosmos turned into a tattoo | Twitter: @Krystal_51220

4. 7

You know that BTS has 7 members and they also released an album called 'Map of the Soul: 7' which has a 7 on it that you can get as a tattoo.

The tattoo of a 7 | Twitter: @hailun_bts

5. Spring Day

We all love the song 'Spring Day' from BTS and here we have a tattoo inspired on it, with some delicate letters making the title and some flowers too.

Spring Day isnpired tattoo | Twitter: @Krystal_51220

6. BT21

If you want something more cute and colorful, here we have a tattoo inspired on BT21, those cute characters which BTS members created.

BT21 tattoo | Twitter: @ila_kunchok

7. Magic Shop

Magic Shop is a song that BTS wrote for ARMY and we all love it, so it'd be cool to have a tattoo inspired by this track.

Magic Shop | Twitter: @Krystal_51220

8. Black Swan

Another one of the favorite ARMY's BTS song is 'Black Swan' so, here we have another tattoo inspired by this song.

Black Swan tattoo | Twitter: @bluesidehoseok

9. Young Forever

You can have this big and colorful hot air balloon inspired by Young Forever as a tattoo, it's pretty cool.

Young Forever inspired tattoo | Twitter: @Krystal_51220

10. Borahae

Did you know that Taehyung created the word Borahae? This means 'I Purple You', and you can get a tattoo with this word and a purple heart, it'd look pretty cool.

Borahae tattoo | Twitter: @DLG1326

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