Best BTS moments in PTD On Stage In Las Vegas Night #3 Best BTS moments in PTD On Stage In Las Vegas Night #3

BTS had these amazing moments on the third night of PTD On Stage in Las Vegas

BTS shared the best moments with ARMY during ther third concert of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas

BTS concerts are the best experience for ARMY and we know this is just a fact, the group and its fandom had a lot of fun on the third night of Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas, here we have our favorite moments.

After the long wait, offline concerts are a reality once again. BTS is now able to meet ARMY in person and they decided to have this kind of events in some parts of the world. The first country that had a Bangtan Sonyeondan's concert were the US.

In 2021, Bangtan visited Los Angeles with Permission To Dance On Stage, the next dates of this tour took place in Seoul and at the end of those ones, the Bangtan Boys announced new dates again for the US. ARMY is just too happy about these concerts.

Las Vegas received BTS well, teh boy band decided to held their concerts on two different weekends and that's how on April 8 and 9 the group had its first two dates for ARMY in PTD On Stage in Las Vegas. And now the third night happended on April 15.

The third BTS show in Las Vegas was as special as the other ones, but here we have some of the best moments if you missed out this event.

6 of the best moments of BTS in Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas during its third night

1. J-Hope during soundcheck

As it shpuld be in every concert, BTS had its soundcheck and J-Hope decided to film ARMY who was there, it was n special moment before the concert but we love ARMY-BTS interactions.

2. Taehyung modeling for ARMY

Taehyung turned into a Victoria Secret's model for ARMY, he took the runway and made his fans fall in love with him again during PTD On Stage.

3. Blue & Grey

PTD On Stage has had great setlists, but on the third night we want to highlight 'Blue & Grey', thios song was written by Taehyung and has deep feelings, experiencing this song live is just amazing.

4. Jungkook's new piercing

Does Jungkook have a new piecing? OMG, we don't know if its fake or real right now but the Golden Maknae showed his abs and surprised ARMY with a navel piercing.

5. Jimin and J-Hope jumping

This was a funny moment, Jimin and J-Hope were just making this tiny jumps and then everyone joined them, it was cute, lol.

6. The final group selca

BTS took a group selca with ARMY, and it was just pretty cool, we love to see how happy they get to share time with their fans in concerts.

BTS' group selfie | Twitter: @sweetang_v

PTD On Stage In Las Vegas was and amazing concert that we loved, we're looking forward the final night which will take place tonight.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jimin, do you know how many tattoos does he have? 

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