BTS in Proof Live BTS in Proof Live

BTS had their first performance with Yet To Come in Proof Live, here are the best moments

BTS' 'Proof Live' was a surprise that the idol group had prepared for their fans and this had the group's first performance with 'Yet To Come'

BTS is surprising everyone with their comeback and the first performance of 'Yet To Come' was full of great moments, these were our favorite ones.

Finally BTS had its long-awaited comeback, the idol group released their anthology 'Proof' and with many important songs in the history of the boy band, they presented this album for their fans. It was known from the beginning that it would be a new hit for these idols.

In addition to the already classic songs that Bangtan Sonyeondan has, 'Proof' also contains 3 new songs, among them 'Yet To Come' which was chosen as the title track and therefore has its official music video and is the song with which Bangtan will be performing on various music shows in Korea.

'Yet To Come' perfectly combines the sweet voices of Bangtan's vocalists with the powerful lines of their rappers, has inspiring lyrics, an MV full of references from other Bangtan Boys videos, and much more ARMY loved about this video.

And now 'Yet To Come' already had its first performance, 'Proof Live' was one of BTS' surprises for this comeback and so was this Bangtan live special for 'Proof'.

Everything we love about Proof Live and BTS' first Yet To Come performance

1. The performance

Of course, the star here is the performance, live the voices of the idols sound amazing, plus a live band was added to this performance, which was phenomenal, the instruments accompanied our favorite singers very well.

2. The special guest

Since the announcement of Proof Live, it was known that Bangtan would have a secret special guest, as this was Anderson .Paak, an American rapper, singer, producer who not only did some ad libs, but also played drums.

BTS and Anderson .Paak | Twitter: @charts_k

3. BTS' confessions

In the intermission, the BTS members talked a bit about 'Proof', its history and more, confessed their favorite moments in BTS' life, and shared time with ARMY who watched the live broadcast.

4. For Youth performance

In addition to the 'Yet To Come' performance, BTS also performed 'For Youth', another one of the 3 new BTS songs that are on 'Proof'.

Keep reading more about BTS or ARMY which made a new trend in Twitter inspired by Jungkook's new song. 

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