Best moments of BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage Best moments of BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage

BTS had the best moments with ARMY in Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul

BTS finally got to see K-ARMY in person again and these are the best moments from Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul's 1st concert

BTS members had great moments with ARMY in Korea, the K-Pop group had its first Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul concert and here we have the best of what happened during this special night.

After the long wait, the Korean ARMY was more than ready to enjoy BTS live once again, the K-Pop group would not forget its country and as soon as they could, they announced the first dates they would have in the place to be able to see their fans who support them first.

This is how after the Bangtan Sonyeondan shows in Los Angeles, it was announced that Seoul would be the next city to be visited by these idols and that there would be many surprises for their fandom through this series of concerts. The best thing is that they also are streamed online so that ARMY from all over the world can watch the show.

Today, BTS and ARMY had the first date of Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul, the K-Pop group spared nothing and with great energy and strength took the stage that was placed in the Olympic Stadium. Thousands of fans arrived at the venue and with the security measures they took their places to enjoy the show of this great idol group.

Did you miss something from Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul? Here we show you some of the best moments that were experienced in this BTS concert, there were many emotions during the night from both fans and idols.

The best moments of the first date of BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul

1. The Whales

As you might know, whales have a special meaning for BTS and ARMY, so they could not stay out of the concert, two of them appeared flying over the stage, one represented the fandom and the other the group.

The whales in BTS' concert | Twitter: @ARMYForce_Peru

2. Suga's celebration

In March 9th, Suga celebrates his birthday, so ARMY prepared a special celebration for him during the concert, the big screens had an amazing image of the idol and fans congratulate him a day after his birthday.

Suga's celebration in PTD On Stage In Seoul | Twitter: @ARMYForce_Peru

3. The setlist

Well, maybe this is not a moment at all, but you need to know which songs did BTS play in Permission To Dance On Stage:

  1. ON
  2. Fire
  3. Dope
  4. DNA
  5. Blue & Grey
  6. Black Swan
  7. Blood, Sweat & Tears
  8. Fake Love
  9. Life Goes On
  10. BWL
  11. Dynamite
  12. Butter
  13. Telepathy
  14. Outro: Wings
  15. Stay
  16. So What
  17. Mikrokosmos
  18. HOME
  19. Airplane Pt 2
  20. Baepsae
  21. Dis-ease
  22. Permission to Dance

4. The tour inside the venue

Don't you love it when BTS gets on this kind of mobile stage and they have a tour inside the venue? This is the way the idols get to see every fans in the place, it doesn't matter if it's the farthest section of the venue.

BTS in PTD On Stage In Seoul | Twitter: @jaynextceo

5. The Endings

At the end, BTS performed 'Permission To Dance On Stage', it was the best ending, the idols were still full of energy and happy for this moment with their fandom.

Permission To Dance On Stage's ending | Twitter: @Aya_H1997

These were some of the best moments in this BTS concert, it was amazing for ARMY even if they couldn't attend to the venue but they were able to watch it online.

Keep reading more about BTS, we tell you everything about the diversity of fans of this group. 

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