BTS had great moments in their concert of Las Vegas BTS had great moments in their concert of Las Vegas

BTS had the best moments on the first night of PTD On Stage In Las Vegas

BTS' first Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas concert was wonderful, what were their best moments?

ARMY from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas to see BTS once again at the Permission To Dance On Stage show and here we tell you what their best moments were.

BTS has finally met their fans once again at a concert. There was a long drought of these types of events due to the pandemic, but since things have improved, it is now possible to have live concerts once again without fear or danger. And Bangtan can put on a great show for ARMY.

Last night was Bangtan Sonyeondan's first concert with Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas, an amazing show that perhaps we could already appreciate a little when the concerts of the same tour were held in Los Angeles and Seoul. But each event is different and unique for both the group and their loyal fans.

We were able to see ARMY from various countries at the event, they carried their flags and banners for the Bangtan idols to see, it was a great night, full of amazing emotions and they were felt in the air. A BTS concert is definitely a unique experience.

But what were the best moments from PTD On Stage In Las Vegas? Here we leave you a recount of what was experienced in this first concert in case you missed it.

8 best moments of BTS in the 1st Concert of Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas

1. Soundcheck

ARMY was so excited about the BTS concerts that in fact the soundcheck itself already seemed to be the main event. The idols rehearsed their songs in front of part of the public with a special ticket that allowed them to access the venue in advance and live this moment.

2. Jungkook's abs

OMG, maybe this one should wait a bit longer but can we get over it? Not really, Jungkook saw a banner where ARMY wanted to see his abs and well, the maknae only fulfilled his fan's wish.


Taehyung slightly modified the meaning of TGIF and explained it in his own way, for him it is something like:

Taehyung Give your phone number I love Friday


4. ARMY Bomb Wave

ARMY also has a lot of prominence at BTS concerts and the fandom has shown their love for the idol group in different ways, this time they did it with a great ARMY Bomb Wave.

5. J-Hope's bouquet

ARMY gave J-Hope a great detail, it is a bouquet of flowers that the idol was able to catch while they were in these carts that take the members on a mini-tour of the venue.

6. Let the haters hate

As always, our leader Kim Namjoon has the best words for ARMY and this time was no exception, in his speech he said a phrase that will remain engraved forever in the fans.

Let the haters hate, let the lovers love.


7. Namjin having fun

The Namjin moment of the night, RM and Jin were really having fun at the concert and this video proves it.

8. Taekook dancing

Taekook also had fun and we were given the best moments on PTD On Stage, Taehyung and Jungkook danced slow and cute during Permission To Dance, omg.

Ugh! I wish I could put in a lot more moments, but the rank is over, were any of these your favorite PTD On Stage moments? There was much more that we could see in this concert.

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