BTS' Yet To Come BTS' Yet To Come

BTS finally premieres Yet To Come, what's the best thing about this comeback?

BTS has released 'Proof' and with their anthology also the 'Yet To Come' MV, what do we love most about this comeback?

BTS' long-awaited comeback finally happened, 'Proof' has brought us amazing surprises and 'Yet To Come' is more than special, what did we like the most about its MV?

'Proof' is here, BTS is in a new era and with an extremely powerful comeback. Although in a certain way it was a bit strange, since for some reason, a lot of information about this comeback was leaked. Fans received the physical album too early and even Walmart started selling it before its official release.

In any case, ARMY respected this comeback of Bangtan Sonyeondan a lot and waited for the idol group to really release everything and now they start sharing the songs, photos and others that 'Proof' has. The anthology takes us on a great path towards the history of the idol group. But the new tracks give us more for the future.

There are 3 new Bangtan songs, although we could say that the title track is 'Yet To Come', this song has a great MV that has really impacted us and not only because of its records that just 30 minutes after its release it already had about 6 million views on YouTube.

We love a lot of things about Yet To Come, here we have more of what we liked about this new BTS music video that you probably haven't stopped streaming.

Everything we love about BTS' comeback with Yet To Come

1. The concept

'Yet To Come' has some kind of minimalist concept since there's not a lot of things going on there, they're in the desert, but that's even better. 'Cause we focus more on the members, in the music there are not a lot of distractions.

2. The references

Maybe this is connected to the concept since even if there's the desert, there are a lot of elements from other BTS MVs, and things that tell more about their story and that maybe only ARMY would understand. Bangtan referenced almost all of their MVs, 'DNA', 'Boy In Luv', 'Wings' and more.

References in Yet To Come | Twitter: @jeonglows

3. The lyrics

We love the lyrics of 'Yet To Come', because it just tells us everything about Bangtan's history in a short time, their dreams, their successes are contained therein. But also a promise, that the best is over, yes. But the best is yet to come. BTS will continue to grow.

That uncomfortable title we were given one day
We are still abashed by being called the best
You know, I, I just love music
Nothing much has changed from back then

4. The style and music

We love 'Yet To Come' has a lot of contrast, with the music and beats, sometimes they're calm but they have some changes specially when the rappers do their parts. And also the sweet vocals of the singers and the fast verses of the rappers. It's all just amazing, their styles are heard well defined here.

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