Relaxing BTS songs for you Relaxing BTS songs for you

BTS chill songs to study, relax or sleep accompanied by these idols

BTS has a lot of chill songs for ARMY that will help you focus or relax, listen to this great tracks

Some BTS songs can help us keep calm, they don't always have high energy songs, sometimes ARMY needs some chill tracks too.

BTS is a great K-Pop group with a lot of songs and performances for their fans. All the fame and popularity of this idol group is only thanks to the great work that the members of the group do in each comeback. Some of the members even have active participation in creating songs and that's great.

We love Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs, there are all kinds, with a lot of feelings and emotions. Experiences of the idols of the group that are reflected in each track and more for the enjoyment of fans and the general public. At Bangtan concerts there is a great energy among the audience thanks to their songs.

But sometimes ARMY also needs to relax, concentrate or something to help them sleep and for that, the Bangtan Boys also have perfect songs. Surely fans can do homework, work, rest and so on with such a beautiful soundtrack that this idol group offers.

So here we have some BTS chill songs so you can study, relax or sleep with the idol group in the background in your mind and heart too.

7 BTS chill songs that will help you focus, relax or sleep

1. Love Maze

In 2018, BTS released 'Love Yourself: Tear', we can find 'Love Maze' on this album, a really chill song with a cool beat and amazing vocals, and we can't forget about rap line's rapping here.

2. Dimple

We can say that 'Dimple' is such a cute song, it has this relaxed beat and an cool energy which lead us to be really relaxed and fine. This one is featured on 'Love Yourself: Her' which was released by Bangtan in 2017.

3. Just One Day

We all love 'Just One Day' which is on the album 'Skool Luv Affair' from 2014, it's such a calm song in some ways, of course that the rapping is on fire here but at the same it it's a chill one.

4. Pied Piper

'Love Yourself: Her' had a lot of chill tracks, and 'Pied Piper' is one of those, we all love it, we can slowly dance to this one too!

5. For You

'For You' is a BTS' Japanese song, we loved it and it's contained in 'Youth', it's pretty cute and chilly, of course it has amazing vocals and this relaxing beat ARMY loves.

6. I Like It

We can find 'I Like It' in '2 Cool 4 Skool', the first mini album that BTS released, and it was pretty cool, this song is chill and kinda calm.

7. Promise

Well, 'Promise' is not by the entire BTS but it's by Jimin and it's pretty amazing, his voice is soothing, the acustic guitar too! It's perfect to get relaxed, get focused and sleep too and have sweet dreams with this idol.

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